Replace lightbulbs on Audi A8 (D3)

Discussion in 'D3 platform' started by QCJohn, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. QCJohn New Member


    One of my A8's reverse light bulbs have stopped lighting, and the "broken light bulb" symbol lights up in the dashboard screen.

    In the manual it is just mentioned to have a qualified Audi mechanic replace any light bulb. When opening the trunk I can't really see how to change the bulb, as there are no screws or hatches to open.

    Does anyone here have experience on how to to such a presumably simple job? How can I do this?!?
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  3. Gerappa Member


    Its' not easy. You have to take apart your trunk absolutely to replace the bulb. Do you have Elsawin?
  4. QCJohn New Member

    Hi Gerappa,

    thanks for quick reply!

    Yes, it seems like I have to dismantle the lining inside the trunk lid cover, looks like a lot of work. Unfortunately I do not have ElsaWin!
  5. Gerappa Member

    1 - Rear lid trim
    t Removing
    – Detach lock cover -4-.
    – Remove luggage compartment light -11-. → Rep. Gr.96
    – Remove button to close rear lid in luggage compartment (-E406-) -3- → Chapter.
    – Remove box for tool kit and hazard warning triangle -5- → Chapter.
    – Remove bolts -7- from handle recesses (2x per moulding).
    USA only
    – Remove manual release handle → Chapter.
    All vehicles (continued)
    – Unfasten rear lid trim -1- at clips -10- (12x) from underneath.
    – Detach rear lid trim -1-.

    Removing and installing inner rear lights Removing
    – Switch off ignition and take out ignition key.
    – Turn light switch to position “0â€.
    – Remove trim on rear lid → Rep. Gr.70.

    – Unplug electrical connector -arrow-.
    – Unscrew nuts -1- and detach rear light.
    – If necessary, pull wire with grommet out of rear lid.
    Installation is carried out in the reverse order; note the following:
    Notet Renew adjusting nuts if sealing washers are damaged.
    t Check for proper sealing of grommet between rear lid and wire.
    – Install trim on rear lid → Rep. Gr.70.

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  6. QCJohn New Member


    as I expected there is some amount of work to get to that lightbulb.

    Good, then I have something to do this evening!
  7. billeuz2 Member

    It's not difficult to do.

    bye, Pascal / FRANCE VAGCOM
  8. Dan McBoost New Member

    The reverse lights are not replaceable without replacing the whole light? My reverse lights are soldered onto the board...

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