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Discussion in 'RNS-E' started by danish_a3, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. danish_a3 Member

    My Kufatec IMA rear view camera solution has worked very nice, but I wanted to test with the original camera since I was missing the trajectory lines what you get with the original module from Q5, Q7, A5, A6 ect... so I bought a R8 reversing camera module and installed in my A3 today :)

    Basically I've did the same connections as with the Kufatec solution, but instead of having a wire from RNS-E <-> Kufatec IMA for reversing signal, it has to go to the central electronic. You would also have to code the CAN Gateway to support reverse camera module.

    Sorry for the quality of the images...

    After starting the thread, I've remembered that we had a discussion here:

    I've couldn't find a way to switch between parallel or perpendicular parking mode, but the default mode (as in the images) is way far the best! The mode can be changed through VAG-COM (bit 15 if I remembered correctly)

    My module is 420 910 441, and physically I’ve placed it where the CD-Changer is normally placed – it doesn’t fit (because of different sizes, but with the help of some foam it seems to be okay…

    Of course it’s a more expensive solution to do the original retrofit that with the Kufatec IMA solution, but it’s far nicer and much easier to park :)
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  3. AvanTTix Member

    Very nice... I wish someone had given that a try in a non-CAN gate equipped car... and no I'm not volunteering...
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    You mean CAN Gateway (which is an Audi component) and not CANgate (which was a special module made by bjarne).
  4. JohnS3 Member

    Nice work!
  5. danish_a3 Member

    Here are the total parts list:

    4L0 980 551 - Rear View Camera
    4L0 827 574 3F2 - Door handle
    4L0 980 553 - Camera retaining clip
    N 909 159 01 - Tapping Screw
    420 910 441 - reverse camera module

    KUFATEC GmbH & Co. KG - Kabelsatz Rückfahrkamera Audi R8 36211

    You will need have to have access to VCDS in order to code the car...
  6. tpliquid New Member

    does your nav screen auto switch to backup camera once you put it in R?
  7. bitnaut Member

    With this fully oem setup, danish_a3 has confirmed that you don't need to code your RNS-E for Lamborghini mode as with the Kufatec solution. This is very appealing to me, however, it's also more expensive.

    Checking in with my favorite Audi parts place here in Vancouver, the parts alone add up to over $1100Cdn. I'm still tempted to do it though :)

    We'll see...
  8. vsantos69 Member

    Hello danish_a3,

    You have made a great job in here. One question, have you tried the module of the Q7 to see if the dynamic lines appears?

    Best regards
  9. vsantos69 Member

    I lost my mind and try to put it working on a A3 and i had no luck. The Q7 module doesn't comunicate with the A3 system. Now i bought a R8 module and still need some configuration work but it is working nice :)
  10. James Dirkin Member

    Would this work on a b6 s4? With the lines etc? I have a 2010 rnse pu
  11. craigyb Active Member

  12. danikas Member

    I CONNECTED THE SAME R8 CONTROLERTO MY A3 2010 CABRIO but for some reason it does not communicate with rns e or it wont go into rvc screen
    the r8 module can be seen on my Vag com but cannot be coded!!
  13. vsantos69 Member

    Have you solve your problem?
  14. bruck New Member

    Would really like to hear an update on this - can someone clarify, should this alternative be possible in a US spec RS4 running a 2010+ RNS-E? I hear that RVC does not always work on the newest firmware and would love to find out that this eliminates both issue of incompatibility and Lambo logo - but I suspect CAN bus situation effects this mod possibility?

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