Questions about connecting rear view cam,dvb-t and playing files from USB to RNS-E?

Discussion in 'RNS-E' started by veszxr, Jul 31, 2014.

  1. veszxr New Member

    Hi guys,
    it is writing a lot in the forum on this issue,but there are still things that are unclear, at least to me.
    I want to install these three things in the title of the topic in the following priority:
    1.Listen and watching files from USB source
    2.Rear camera
    3.DVB-T tuner,it's not important,but I saw this model (Ampire DVBT53),which combines tuner and playing files from usb.
    About the rear camera i don't have any idea how to connect it.
    What I know is that there must to have a multimedia adapter (and how can connect more than one unit via one adapter)
    and another black box for watching during movement (which can be substituted with VIN Hack,is that correct?).
    Please give a cheaper options and web sites in Europe from where i can buy it.
    There are a lot of kind of cameras and DVB-T in Chinese web sites also,is it good idea to buy from there?
    Some wiring diagrams will be also useful!

    My Audi is A4 B6 Avant October'2004 with RNS-E 0650 soft, CD-changer, bluetooth, multi wheel, аll factory-installed.
    After one month i will change the laser optic,the current stopped reading.
    I have a VAG-COM and am familiar to use it.

    Thanks in advance!
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Watch - can't be done unless you fit an external DVD player that will also accept a USB input.
    Listen - you would need to fit an Aux In adapter to the CD changer input that provides a USB input.
    Been done by many people, all the info you need is on here.
    Don't go for the black box that interrupts the speed signal, that will slow down navigation updates badly. Go for the VIM hack every time.
  3. veszxr New Member

    Thanks for reply PetrolDave,
    but is it possible to connect tuner or player together with rear cam with one audio-video adapter?
    Is the audio-video adapter mandatory,is there on a market devices(tuners,players,cameras),which do not need a multimedia adapter?
    About the rear cam ,I read here,but didn't find how exactly to connect even only camera,without other devices.
    From which online store you preferred to shopping, please suggest me devices?
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Yes, many of the AV adapters have multiple AV inputs.
    It's mandatory - the RNS-E needs two things - digital AV signals and messages on the CAN bus that indicate the presence of a "TV tuner" (the AV adapter pretends to be a TV tuner), and the only way to get both of those is with an AV adapter such as the IMA Plus.

    The camera and the DVD player connect to the AV inputs on the IMA Plus (from Kufatec, look at their website for details and prices).

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