Questions about adding Bluetooth/aux adapter for my RNS-E

Discussion in 'RNS-E' started by Jerry Brioche, Jul 9, 2014.

  1. Jerry Brioche New Member

    Hi all! So I drive a 2006 Audi a4 B7 and it has the RNS-E unit. I was looking to add Bluetooth and aux functionality to it and I found this item on eBay

    If I were to purchase this adapter, would it truly be plug and play like the listing says or is there more to it? From what I've read I'll lose my cd changer functionality but will my factory Satellite radio still function? Also, would this function with the rnse's blue tooth calling interface or would it act as a stand alone? Thanks in advance guys!
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  3. mike3141 Member

    You'll be more satisfied with the OEM BT and AUX--it's better integration into the RNS-E. I don't believe the bluetooth is overly complicated to install and the AUX is just some wiring. You should be able to find information on this site on installing the hardware.
  4. Jerry Brioche New Member

    I wasn't aware that there was an OEM aux for the rns-e. Can you point me in the direction of both units? I also would like to know if the OEM BT allows for music streaming because this product claims to.
  5. Jerry Brioche New Member

    Anyone any insight?
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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

  6. Jerry Brioche New Member

    So what about the adapter that I mentioned before? Will it work? As well as keeping the functionality of my satellite radio?
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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

    The adapter you mentioned replaces the CD changer connector in the back of the RNS-E. This will likely disconnect the SAT radio audio wires unless you move/extend them in the new connector. An adapter that plugs in to the CD changer connector near the removed CD changer (like the audiovox/dice A-DUO-102-AVW or similar) will keep SAT radio.

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