Question from South America? SDS?

Discussion in 'RNS-E' started by Eveboy, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. Eveboy Member

    I just find out that my RNSE version is not an "H" or a "N" for SDS?? its an "E"? Do you thinks is possible to installed SDS with a hack SW?? My current SW & HW is:

    Software ; 0020
    Hardware; H54
    Tarjeta; MIN040903_nn0312

    Im puting a Fiscon Microfone? plus I have MFSW

    Any suggestions? I send a mail to Klaus from NAViEdit? The forums in Spain are somehow confuse to me? Plus my car is a US Version??

    Help appreciated.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Yes there's already threads on how to do the SDS hack, read and follow them.

    This is a very bad idea.
    The sensitivity of the Fiscon microphone is very different to the Audi microphone, people who have done this have found it almost unusable.
    Fit an Audi microphone.
  3. Eveboy Member

    Tks Petroldave, but now a have a much much more worts problem?? please read what I post in Audi forum net? You may know better since ur in UK?

    Big mess from Argentina! Help..!..!
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    I wan't aware that you run the US SW - which as you have been told on cannot have SDS. The SDS hack only works on EU SW because SDS is only supported by the EU SW.

    So it appears that you need to convert your RNS-E back to US SW - and there's lots of recent threads on how to do a region conversion.
  4. Eveboy Member


    Tks for the reply, and sorry if I have posted in several threads and forums...Unfortunately I haven't being able to reach the "right guy", who can really give me a hand and provide me with specific and consistent data on how to solve the mess I'm in?? No hard feelings....we are all a bunch of good intention aficionados, plus....if you add to that my language and mental limitations!!! Bingo!!!!....I would love to find someone who KNOWS and would be willing to assist me no problem on refunding....!
    As I state before getting a straight answer if more complex than searching the web if getting a BJ is consider a real risk for HIV?? Everybody has a different opinion and I cant spend the rest of my life with this Fricking dilemma, it has became in this part of the world you don't find any type of support...I'm considering seriously to buy a Eclipse NAV with all the toys included and throw away or burn preferable my RNSE....Never thought this German folks would be so complicate...US Version EU, South Africa and Bangladesh version?? Ridiculous.... Hey lets involve the NASA as well!!! they must have some Argentine DNA somewhere in their blood??
    As today the unit doesn't work that's all that I know, and I don't want to take any more shortcuts, I've send mail to the so call RNSE gurus and no answer.....
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    What EXACTLY is the state of your unit?

    What state (SW version, region, etc.) so you need it to be in to be able to use it?

    Knowing that maybe someone can point you at the instructions to sort it out?
  5. Eveboy Member

    By the way don't bother, I have some folks at giving a hand they provided with much more support and seems more organized and knowledgeable with specific answers to specific questions.....!
    Not just hey!!'re doing great, awesome!!!!...keep the good spirit up and keep searching and reading the forum that you will get there! Huaaahhh...!
    Sorry for being sarcastic, no big deal, but It wouldn't hurt adding a feedback section.....
  6. VW Addict Member

    I'm in the US, and I'd LOVE to have the SDS, but I don't think it can be done.

    -If you TRULY believe in feedback being a force for good, please post back if you get your SDS mod to work with a US unit.

    Otherwise, I'm inclined to consider that since is a heavily UK-centric forum site, they might not yet fully appreciate that it may not be possible with a USA nav unit..?

    I'd love to be proven wrong, but good luck.

    I do think that the sarcasm/bitterness might not help you in your task though.

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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    It can't - folks here have tried it, and it can't - period.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    I'm a member there too - and I have to say while there are some great guys there (like NHN, who's on here also), there are also some guys full of bullsh*t who sound convincing but actually don't have a clue.

    Have to agree with VW Addict that since is UK centric they most likely won't have a clue about what US RNS-E SW can and can't do.

    Good luck and bon voyage!!!
  7. Eveboy Member

    Bless America!!!
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Up the Brits!
  8. Eveboy Member

    You see the point, that a good example....!!! don't even bother reading the entire thread and providing unsolicited advice...? That's what I'm talking about.....! Just for the sake of posting and misleading is not the way to go and doesn't help nobody..!
    If I'm not going to do any good, I better no to affect people and keep my mouth closed...simple codes I guess..dont do what you dont want...!
    I couldn't care anymore about the bloody SDS just to make my RNSE work as before..!
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    That sounds like a "random rant", not even sure who it's aimed at.

    BTW I'm a Brit not an American - see my details below my avatar.
  9. Eveboy Member

    I wasn't referring to you...! Just in general my humble appreciation of the facts..It obvious that you are not from the states, but be careful....! Jejeje

    Save the queen!!
  10. VW Addict Member

    ...I'm English too, though I work in the US. -I still make regular trips back though, to stock up on the essentials such as reasonably-priced Audi parts, 'proper' tea, and Hob-Nobs.

    I did read the threads though; both here and at Audi-Sport...

    I sincerely hope that you manage to resurrect your unit. It helps to be thorough and methodical, and if you find yourself getting confused (this stuff DOES get confusing!) write things down, and try to organise things on paper. -It helps you re-trace your steps later.

    Good luck!

  11. Eveboy Member

    Thanks friend!!!

    I will keep you inform, so far I need to find a flex cable for the LCD screen from a trustworthy place!!

    Any suggestions? No Rabbit No haggie they don't have? I send a couple of mail to Germany?? Will see!!
  12. Eveboy Member

    ...................Not sure what has gone on there, but PetrolDave does know his stuff and is very very knowledgeable when it come to most things RNS-E based. I've never done a conversion from US to EURO or vice versa (never had to), I've done many installations, Bluetooth, SDS & VIM hack, etc but never done the firmware conversion. There are many posts on audiforum what provide the solution to convert the RNS-E to the correct firmware.

    I don't have the US firmware, but I know there are many members on audiforum that do and I'm sure will be willing to help, you just have to be patient. I know that to be true as I have been helped by members on that forum and I have given help to members on that forum over the years.

  13. Eveboy Member

    Petrol Dave, Quick question I was able to reset to RNSE and went ok? Still waiting for the next flex from Germany....! So I can see what goes on on the screen!!

    However as I mentioned before al Audi that come to Argentina are European Version not US and non of them can use de Navigation system period? Why..? No bloody idea! You have to installed a separate device from Garmin through video..!
    Saying that and considering that I will not be able to use my current US navigation system MAP from the states, Is it possible to fully convert my US version RNSE into a European with the SDS?? Or still the same not worth it?
    If yes and possible, could you please suggest the specific steps and measures I need to take in order to do it? I read and Italian guy who was able to convert his US into Fully EU with all the functions including SDS?
    Tks in advance
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Yes, but not worth it because you'll have SDS but your radio tuner won't tune to the frequencies used by your local radio stations.

    In their wisdom the WARC zone the world and allocate different frequency bands and step sizes to each zone - there isn't a global standard. So if you have an EU RNS-E you won't have navigation and you won't have radio - so it will be pretty useless IMHO.

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