Question about A8 - Bluetooth Handsfree problem

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by placemaking, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. placemaking Member

    Dear ALL.


    A friend of mine drive A8 and he has a problem with bluetooth handsfree function.

    Paring with his cell phone (iPhone 4) is okay. He can make or receive a phone call.

    He can hear the other person's voice, however, the other person cannot hear his voice.

    His car comes with BOSE audio system.

    Is there any method to check if the mic. for handsfree is damaged via VCDS?

    Thank you for your answer in advance !

    I auto-scanned his A8 and there is one fault code;

    Address 46: Central Conv. Labels: 4E0-910-289.lbl
    Part No SW: 4E0 910 289 E HW: 4E0 907 289 E
    Component: Komfortgeraet H10 0010
    Revision: 00100010 Serial number: W040709200211
    Coding: 0004712
    Shop #: WSC 02313 785 00200
    VCID: 2B5E03908A722440A4E
    Part No: 4E0 910 853
    Component: Heckdeckel P28H06 0100
    1 Fault Found:
    01308 - Control Module for Roof Electronics (J528)
    013 - Check DTC Memory
    Freeze Frame:
    Fault Status: 01101101
    Fault Priority: 3
    Fault Frequency: 254
    Reset counter: 200
    Mileage: 96 km
    Time Indication: 0
    Date: 2008.03.09
    Time: 22:34:50
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  3. Alister Member

    If the mic was not installed you would have a 'mic open circuit' fault code on the phone module.

    Could be a faulty mic so best best bet would be to try a replacement mic.

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