Quattro need Tire Chains?

Discussion in 'C6 platform' started by JazzyJoyce, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. JazzyJoyce New Member

    Recently purchased a certified used 07 Audi 3.2 Quattro with 245/40/18 m-s radial tires - no car manual. The m-s meets snow tire classification and the AWD of the Quattro has me covered by law. However, California law says chains must be 'in the car' in chains-on areas of the mountain passes - and our mountains are getting dumped on right now.

    Without the manual, I don't know if chains CAN be put on the car. I've read threads elsewhere that says it destroys the wheel well, rims, etc.

    Looking at either the (not cheap!) Premium Self-adjusting Snow Tire Chains by Thule K-Summit Size K33 w/ 0mm clearance or (more reasonable) Thule 9mm CG9 Premium Passenger Car Snow Chain, Size 102 w/ 9mm clearance.

    I went to the nearest Audi dealer to ask but the young New York transplant looked at me like I was crazy and 1) didn't answer if chains COULD be used and 2) said my tires and the Quattro alone would be fine. I'm close to buying cheap $35 chains just to meet the 'in the car' law and never use them but would like to not skid off the side of a mountain in the process.

    Advice? Thank you!
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  3. skyfan Member

    Chains aren't must, but in USA could be different. However i wouldn't recommend to use chains on 4x4 system. You could damage the quattro. Better go on 17" or even 16" with good winter tires. I am now with Mishelin. Last winter was with dunlop. Would highly recommend you to test Hankook or Nokian.
  4. lauritor New Member


    Buy those cheap chains and put them inside your car. I´m sure you never need them. :D
  5. brs Member

    You just buy cheap ones and never use them. However; while quattro will assure you to get moving, it doesn't help you stopping. I would consider changing rims and tires to something more appropriate for driving in snow. Like suggested 17" og 16" and the thinner 205-225..

    I run 16" 205/60 and it works like a charm.

    Merry Christmas everyone.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Chans just replace the grip lost to ice, don't see how that can damage the quattro - I've never heard that said before, and I've been driving quattro for 10 years now and visiting many Audi forums.

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