Q7 MMI 3G upgrade

Discussion in 'MMI' started by a4ss4abt, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Mine is on the way, :evil::evil: I'm very glad for you did you order with the VIN of your friend's Exclusive?
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  3. and801 Member

    correct. I ordered exactly that VIN. in return I got 0071 rev.

    by the way software (0071 rev) is dated as of end of 2007. but it works !!!
  4. a4ss4abt Active Member


    Why did you post that Fault message relating the engine of your Q7 into the MMI section ?:oops:

    And why in French if the Forum language is English????:oops:

    Moderators Note:
    Message moved to http://audiforum.us/q5-q7/14530-fault-code.html since it has nothing to do with MMI.
  5. a4ss4abt Active Member

    New gateway

    After 2 wrong gateways ordered (it wasn't so simple to find that bloody box with the right software revision) mounted last monday the (third) Gateway with the SW.rev. 071 and finally my 5F unit communicates permanently with the Instrument Cluster so I recovered the Left ST.Wheel controls but most important now I have all the info on the DIS such SDS, Phonebook, Prog.names,songs titles included the Navigation Screen.

    As I bought an ACC Gateway P.N. 4E0 907 468 H I will live with an error on the Gateway until the ACC retrofit will be done but the 3G MMI retrofit can be considered complete.;-)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. zak Member

    Well done, and thanks for the running commentary.
  7. kris.2010 Member

    if you have the whole black getaway, I can transcode it to firmware 0071
    only getaway with the 0071 firmware supports:
    - all unit 3g
    - Camera
    - ACC
    (Only 4E0 907 468 H supports ACC )

    when the update 0071 to getaway without ACC (4L0907468 b / c)
    the ACC option is off.

    0071 getaway fits all A6 A8 Q7

    we use to update files. sSGO so CP remains unchanged

  8. mickymix Member

    Clima control unit for Q7 and MMI 3G

    Since I know for sure (my experience) that some parts are not easy to source out and I have one which I would like to sell, I decided to take my risks within the forum, and I would like those who may be interested on a Q7 upgrade from MMI 2G to MMI 3G that I have a Clima Control unit for sale which is the needed one for this task, showing the settings of the two zones within the MMI 3G display on the side which is interested to the setting change...

    Have a look here, if interested:

    Audi Q7 Clima Control unit for MMI 3G - Audi Classifieds

    Sorry for bothering, but my intent is not ONLY to get as much money as possible, but to help someone here within the forum.

    In the event someone has the same unit for an A6/S6, well it would be appreciated and an exchange could be fine for me too...

  9. neo_andersson Member

    I plan to upgrade the cluster with the new facelift model (with long coding), does anybody knows if it works OK with the standard Gateway from the pre-facelift model?
    My cluster now is 4F0 910 930 C - ACC model, and i plan to swap it with 4L0 920 931 J also ACC model.
    Thanks for your input.
  10. craigyb Active Member

    My cluster was replaced under warranty with a new model, high res graphics etc and all worked ok.
  11. neo_andersson Member

    good news, i am planning to swap it tomorrow, ill post some pictures after for anyone interested.
  12. audirollin00 Member

    After its all said and done did you come up with a parts list and cost? Im only curious because I may buy a 08 Q7 and do this upgrade :) thx
  13. spyderboyant Member

    J126_new_wiring_PR_9AD.jpg J126_old_wiring.jpg J126_old_new.jpg
    Hi Guys,

    I know this thread is old but i have just done the Q7 MMI2G -> MMI3GP upgrade on my Q7 and replaced the Climatronic with the MMI3G compatible version. The issue I have hit is also the replacement of J126 - Fresh air blower control unit. My question is, the older unit 7L0907521B has only 4 pins back to J255 whilst the newer version has a 6 pin connector with 5 actual pins. Looking through the wiring diagrams from ElsaWIN all I can find is the wiring diagram for the old J126 and the wiring diagram for the "delux" version with a 17pin connector for control of rear a/c.

    Does anyone know the pinouts for the new, front only (PR-9AD) J126 part# 3C0907521F?

    Also, it appears that I also need to replace my actual V2 blower (7L0820021N) with the newer version 4L2820021. I have noticed that the 2 pins from the controller to the blower appear to have swapped around with the new J126.


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