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Discussion in 'MMI' started by a4ss4abt, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. a4ss4abt Active Member

    After the complete Facelift 2010 I decided to retrofit the MMI 3G on my Q7.
    Yesterday I've DONE a first step on the conversion of the oem 2G(second generation) multimedia System into a 3G (third Generation) one.
    I was searching for a 5F INFORMATION ELECTRONICS (the main Unit) for Q7 from the last november but impossible to find one on the used market and a new one is priced 3000 EURO.
    On the Q7 the main unit is normally installed in dash panel front center on the old 2G-CDC place.
    Finally last month I was talking with my usual supplier darek70 (THE KING OF HIDDEN MENU)and he told me: why don't you use a cheaper A6/A8 unit instead of the very rare Q7 unit? So I decided and bought :
    4E0 035 670 A8 Unit with car phone Sap
    4F0 035 061 EU DAB Radio
    4F0 919 604 LCD SCREEN + Adapter wiring set (1250mm 4pin ) 4E0 971 086 H + 3D0 972 708 flat contact housing.
    In reality with the Engineering menu (hidden menu Setup+Car)it is possible to transform an A6-A8 3G main unit into a Q7 one with all the spec needed only by coding it.


    The original idea was to mount the 5F on the Glovebox but when I saw the 5F unit dimensions and the room on the Q7's glove compartement I decided to try the installation under the Armrest on the old AMI place.
    I asked to craigyb and audir8 if the installation backward to the direction of drive had some contraindications and they confirmed me no problems so yesterday morning with the help of my electric-man Emy (he prepared the conversion wiring loom for the retrofit) using the 2 Quadlock connectors and the quantity of wires to soldier we started the job and yesterday night I had the MMI 3G with the problem of Component Protection (no Audio and No Video)but essentially installed and working.
    This morning my dealer removed the C.P. and now I can see the VIDEO and hear the music too. The DAB has some problems but I don't have any error on the radio and the aerials and boosters have been replaced with the new 3G ones.
    I have ordered the new GATEWAY if i want the complete communication from the Cluster and MMI and I have to find a 3G-CLIMATE CONTROL Panel otherwise I cannot see the climate controls on the MMI display.
    My "old" 2G MP3 CHANGER is working like a charm with the 3G SYSTEM and NAVIGATION is working perfectly on the LCD screen but not on the FIS.
    Some more news and pictures soon.
    Here the faults I have on the 5F:
    VCDS Version: Beta 10.3.0

    Address 5F: Information Electr. Labels: None
    Control Module Part Number: 4E0 035 670 HW: 4E0 035 670
    Component and/or Version: H-BNT-EU H45 0007
    Software Coding: 010100060104D3FF01000305EB3F0000
    Work Shop Code: WSC 02442 176 28888
    3 Faults Found:

    03276 - Please Check Software Version Management
    000 - -
    Freeze Frame:
    Fault Status: 01100000
    Fault Priority: 6
    Fault Frequency: 1
    Reset counter: 76
    Mileage: 24593 km
    Time Indication: 0
    Date: 2010.04.09
    Time: 20:35:20

    Freeze Frame:
    Voltage: 13.70 V

    03157 - Functionality limited due to Communications Disruption
    000 - -
    Freeze Frame:
    Fault Status: 01100000
    Fault Priority: 6
    Fault Frequency: 1
    Reset counter: 76
    Mileage: 24593 km
    Time Indication: 0
    Date: 2010.04.09
    Time: 20:35:23

    Freeze Frame:
    Bin. Bits: 00000000 00000000
    Bin. Bits: 00000000 00001000
    Bin. Bits: 00000000 00000000
    Bin. Bits: 00000000 00000000

    03254 - Address Incorrectly Occupied
    000 - - - Intermittent
    Freeze Frame:
    Fault Status: 00100000
    Fault Priority: 6
    Fault Frequency: 1
    Reset counter: 116
    Mileage: 24593 km
    Time Indication: 0
    Date: 2010.04.09
    Time: 20:35:19

    Freeze Frame:
    Hex Value: 0x0000
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  3. craigyb Active Member

    Good work so far Seve

    Having just bought a Q7 S-line recently I will also be helping Seve sort out some of the issues and get my Q7 converted to 3G.
  4. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Ok guys here some others info from retrofit and some pictures of the various phases of work. I forgot to mention that I have not anymore replaced the Control Panel with the new one with the joystick functionality and honestly I will have to add a sound system 3G compatible because I'm not satisfied of audio quality of the 3G radio built-in amp.
    So the next step will be to install the 3G-Tv-Hybrid tuner and just to complete the setup an AMI absolutely not necessary with 2x32 SDHC.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. craigyb Active Member

    Have you resolved the DAB issue yet?
  6. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Not yet and I have some doubts on the good functionality of that radio. I tried to disconnect the DAB antenna and I have an open circuit fault so the antenna is working.
    I have tried to join the Boosters on the pillars but without any success: no errors and no DAB but FM-AM are working good.:evil:
  7. craigyb Active Member

    I had the same issue with my A6 when I first fitted 3G, DAB was impossible, I thought I knew it was the antenna and wiring, so got that resolved with the right antenna and wiring to the glass, but still no DAB. It was the radio that was faulty, it was a brand new 061 unit that couldn't pick up any DAB, I replaced it with a second hand unit I got from ebay and DAB burst into life.

    The S8 that I converted to 3G had no issues with DAB
  8. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Mine has an old Bayern station in memory but when I try to do a search for an italian station it scroll down all the frequencyes without playing nothing.
    As i don't know this tuner is it normal to have only a search up or down without the central tune?
  9. craigyb Active Member

    Sounds like mine, I managed to occasionaly search up and down, but the MUX's kept dissappearing. It's hard to say if it is an antenna issue or the radio itself, I can't test until two weeks time when I get my Q7. I know my radio works well on FM/DAB so when I install I can narrow it down to the antenna system if I get no reception on DAB.

    Can you list the antenna modules you swapped by part number to cross reference. I will be making a shopping list this week.

    Does your Q7 have heated front seats as there is a 3G climate unit on ebay currently but it doesn't have heated seats.
  10. a4ss4abt Active Member

    The new aerials amplifiers I have installed for the 3G RadIo-Tv units are the following:

    4L0 035 225AC c-pillar right R111(RC+TV3)
    4L0 035 225AG c-pillar left R112(FZV +TV2 + AM-FM2 + DAB)
    4L0 035 225 R rear-lid upper R24(AM-FM1-TV1)

    Normally a 2G system uses 4 aerials amps: the fourth is mounted on the rear door and it must be disconnected.
    I was very documented on this argument that I did study during the winter just thinking to this retrofit.

    About my front Seats : yes they are heated and I have also the Rear Climate Unit so I have to find a SW: 4L0 910 043 C - HW:4L0 820 043 AB or AC.
  11. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Dab ok

    Finally managed to activate DAB on my 3G Radio.
    After a complete SW-Update with the 8R0 906 961J all the components have the last version but the DAB was always stuck with the old bayern station in memory. Today I've tested it with a stupid external antenna in a zone where I was sure the DAB reception was optimal and bam....it has started to work also with images sorry for iPhone pictures:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Now I have to understand why it didn't start with his standard antenna which I tested on VCDS Measuring-Blocks and results perfectly working
    Bad news from the compatibility with the 3G MMI and my cluster: after all the test of this week I'm sure I have to replace it with a newer one.
  12. craigyb Active Member

    Have you changed the CAN Gateway yet for a newer one? My 2005 A6 and 2008 S8 both work with 3G with a new CAN gateway.

    Also how did you get those DAB station images to appear?
  13. a4ss4abt Active Member

    No I didn't change Gateway because with the newest I will have the problem of new BEM and generator or not? Anyway are you telling me that the gateway could resolve the problem of communication from MMI and Cluster?
    About the DAB images I have 2 options on the menu: INFO shows those images and TEXT shows title, interpreter etc.
  14. craigyb Active Member

    You must change the can gateway to the latest 26 pin one you can find, not the new 20 pin ones.
  15. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Yes it was what my friend Emil alias audiR8 told me last week when the 20pin newest 4F0 907 468 N was just in back order so I had to replace it with a 26pin HW.4L0 907 468B-- SW.4L0910468A- H06 SW 0071 and I'm waiting for it.
  16. craigyb Active Member

    Another reason why your DAB may not work is Audi actually changed the connections to the booster in 3G. For example the A6, all the pins were moved around and some were connected together before a decent signal was available. I ended up changing the DAB side glass to get my 3G DAB to work correctly and this showed me how the wiring to the glass was actualy different between 2G & 3G in the A6. I suspect the same has happened on the Q7.
  17. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Thanks Craig, i'm going crazy with this DAB :
    I had 2 days with an external antenna and everything was working but Saturday I tried with the internal and it didn't work so I opened the 2 pillars covers and joint togheter with a FAKRA cable the 2 boosters and DAB started smoothly with audio and images.
    Yesterday night it stopped to work For some unknown reason and now it is active only with an external antenna.:evil::evil:
  18. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Discovering the reason for my muting DAB :
    the Fakra cable (a flying lead too short)that temporarily connected the two sides boosters was mistakenly pulled and ripped off a piece of a connector which is seriously damaged.
    Tomorrow if it will be possible to repair or swap that connector on the left side aerial booster everything should go as it should;-)
  19. craigyb Active Member

    So I think you have sorted the DAB issue? My Q7 now arrives Tuesday, so can't start any mods until next weekend.
  20. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Yes after the reparation of the left side booster the DAB is now working....honestly with the ext.antenna it was more sensible to the reception but it is working. Anyway the DAB it's not so important for me.....eventually I'm worried about television reception and as I don't have yet the new tv-tuner I cannot test it.
    Another problem of today is the Gateway:
    I had ordered a 4E0 907 468 C, the last 26 Pin I found on Etka but it is arrived an HW.06 SW.0060 exactly the same I have, completely useless, and my dealer is incapable to order me a SW. 0071 wich is what I need. On the other hand I have the 20 Pin 4F0 907 468 N previously ordered (they didn't accept to swap the part ordered) and my question is are we sure that i cannot use it with the old BEM etc.?
    BTW. Congratulations for your Q7
    I'm sorry but on the confusion of my retrofit I didn't realized that you are going to become also a Q7 owner.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  21. craigyb Active Member

    I finished my conversion as well, just awaiting the 3G TV tuner to arrive, car is currently running on a 2G tuner and I don't want to upgrade that to 3G as they are hard to obtain.

    I had issues with the new AC panel, when installed my AC stopped cooling correctly. Around October 2007 Audi changed the V2 fresh air blower/controller and AC wiring. So the fan showed as open circuit in the diags with the new AC panel.

    I replaced the V2 fan controller with a new revision and made some wiring changes to the controller and AC panel and it is now working correctly, which is a relief as it is 26 deg C here today.

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