Pulled the Trigger -- Ordered 2011 A8

Discussion in 'Audi A8 / S8' started by dochusar, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. dochusar New Member

    I have just joined this forum, but I am not new to Audi's.

    I just placed an order for '11 A8, chose Beige (Impala metallic) with Nougat Brown interior. Went for the cold weather, convenience and premium package, night vision and full LED headlights. Hope I made the right choice in building the car. I really don't like lane assist or adaptive cruise control. I could not order side assist by itself.

    After I saw the car in person, I went to the sales manager and changed my order to include the leather package. Since the car is not yet in production, I was able to add without a problem. So my car is now configured as:

    Savanna Beige, Nougat Brown interior
    Cold Weather Package
    Premium Package
    Convenience Package
    Leather Package
    Full LED Headlights
    Night Vision Assistant

    Pricing is not available yet, but based on the launch vehicle, this should be around $90K. Is there anything else that I should have ordered?
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  3. BASARAB Member

    Thats cool ! Congratulations! U probably wont get much advise, cause most likely u are the first one who ordered it on this forum.
  4. audijanuz New Member

    90.000$ is what we pay for a 2003/2004 model 4,2L quatro where i live :evil::evil:

    Happy for you that you can get so cheap cars !!

  5. pvarp310 New Member

    New A8

    I am also new to this forum. Congrats on the new A8. I just bought a 2008 A8L and so far I love it. I've been lumbering around in a GM SUV for the last 7 years so I'm learning to drive all over again. What a pleasure.

    I decided to by the A8 after driving my wife's S5 a few times. Now that's an awesome car.
  6. MichaelD Member

    That is amazingly cheap, perhaps you should have ordered a second one for when yours needs a wash? That spec would have cost the equivalent of around $150,000 here, then around $9.20 per gallon to fill the tank.

    Enjoy it! :D

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