Problems with the convertible top

Discussion in 'Audi TT Coupe / Roadster' started by heisenberg2000, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. Having just gotten the top of my wife's TT to work again lets me to believe that the problems encountered (with the soft top) by me and many others are pointing to a single problem.
    The overall design is very sound and actually very reliable.

    The problem is caused by unreliable position data from G596 and G597. When the con. top controller encounters this condition its just won't open the top anymore.
    The reason for this is that the manufacturer of the " Stellmotoren " used to much grease during the build.

    I took the units apart (easy but you have to use about 4 to 5 little flat screwdrivers to release the clamps) and found a large amount of grease on the actual potentiometer tracks. I am pretty sure that during the activation of the flaps the resistance signal is intermittent and results in a bad position signal.
    I cleaned both units with denatured alcohol and then used a (clean) pencil eraser to roughen the pot tracks.
    Put them together re installed them.
    With the help of TTRq (german webside who explained to me how to adapt the flaps after repair the top was working flawless again after 1 adaption cycle.

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  3. Now, almost 6 month later, the wife is using the top quiet frequently and it is still going strong, not a single problems since my repair.


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