Problem with RVC & OPS

Discussion in '8P platform' started by vsantos69, Mar 16, 2013.

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    I have a 8P0 035 193 B RNS-E and have installed an OEM RVC with the module of the RVC from an R8 (PN. 420 910 441) , additionally i installed too the parking assist module from an R8 (PN. 420 919 475) with OEM parking sensors. I'm trying to have working the Optical Parking System with the rear view camera but only get both system individually, what could i be doing wrong?

    The best i get is to have the OPS with the 2 screens possible but without image from the RVC, one picture of the OPS with the car in "landscape" position and the other the car is in the left side, in a vertical position.

    Any ideia?
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    Moved to a separate thread.
  3. Alister Member

    Check the coding for the parking assist module - make sure it is coded for the rear camera.
  4. vsantos69 Member

    I'm sure that it is, don't understand what's happening!!! And all modules have no errors!! (i don't make a scan since saturday when i install all things)
  5. vsantos69 Member

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