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Discussion in 'CD Navigation Plus' started by Audi_A2, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. Audi_A2 New Member

    Hi! I have the Rns-d Navi and was thinking of upgrading my Audi A2 from my symphony stereo.
    I have bought cable adapter and the gps antenna and everything is fine. But when i plug the Navi in it ask for the pin code. In my manual it says 1289 but the navi says wrong pin!!
    Today i went to VAG and let them connect to Germany for the pin but they got the same one i had.. and, wrong pin code..
    Now they say that i have to get the chassi nr from the car it have been installed to!! I have bought it second hand so i can`t get that number.. what to do. is it just garbage??

    best regards jimmi
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  3. chris New Member

    did you connect the extra wire ,,if you dont it will keep saying safe and
  4. Audi_A2 New Member

    ihave bought a all in one cable hardnes but dident know about a special extra cable. ?
    help me please.

    best regards jimmi
  5. Audi_A2 New Member

    ok! i fix it today.. nice.

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