Please help me confirm the damaged RNS-E 193 unit

Discussion in 'RNS-E' started by pokrovsky, Mar 16, 2015.

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    I've been troubleshooting the infotainment CAN BUS problem for couple of weeks now.
    Here is the story.
    I had MK2 unit successfully retrofitted to my 2002 C5 allroad (USA). The unit is a 193B Euro converted to US with 230 SW installed.
    To be exact it is: HW H02, SW 0230, HU/Navi SW version V5751050.

    In few years I had successfully added OEM BT (retrofitted in place of stock OnStar). I also retrofitted OEM SAT radio and later upgraded to the latest Sirius/XM module (Q version). I also had Can based Dension Gateway installed alongside with Sirius (in a form of CD Changer interface but with test on the DIS).

    Few months ago I decided to get the CAN AMI interface and replace Dension with CD Changer since AMI would have freed up CD Changer interface Dension was using.
    I assembled all the required parts and wiring bits and pieces and proceeded.

    Scroll forward and after building a custom harness to integrate all these devices (I had to get rid of all stock ISO connector as there isn't enough room to accommodate all that), the unit developed the intermittent infotainment can bus code.
    01305, 004 intermittent and occasionally permanent.
    First symptom was disappearance of phone signal and BT icon from the RNS-E screen and inability to use main interface for phone calls, although the phone stays connected to the car and the DIS and multifunction steering wheel is totally in control of the phone with no issues. The phone is accessible via VCDS (module 77) and does not show any issues and operates normally.
    Then the SAT radio lost the connection to the unit. RNS-E is saying (flickering back and forth the message that car is equipped with simplified sat radio, etc. at the same time the SAT module can be accessed, albeit with some difficulties via VCDS - module 0F).
    The DIS is freaking out totally flipping from NAV display mode to standard mode and flickering all kinds of gibberish.
    I started to troubleshoot by disconnecting every peripheral device, trying to see what's causing the infotainment can but interference and even after everything is disconnected the RNS-E is still having the same issues. Instruments (module 17) also shows the error code that connection to the radio is intermittent, although the RNS-E is totally operational and controllable with MFSW, turns off with ignition key out, switches to night mode with headlights, etc.

    To diagnose further I ran a separate twisted pair of wires directly form behind the instrument cluster (gray connector) to the back of RNS-E and connected all the CAN devices one by one to it - results are still the same.

    My question is: is there any other way to make sure that this is in fact the RNS-E that has the CAN BUS problems and not something else in the car?

    If that's the case, is this particular part of the unit serviceable/replaceable?

    Another issue is that I can't re-code the unit since I don't have an original euro disk with 0150 software. It is currently coded to 0509677 and in order to activate full functionality of AMI i need to change the second from the right number

    Another problem is that I can't recede the unit since I don't have an original 0150 SW.
    Another problem is that I can't recede the unit since I don't have an original 0150 SW.
    Another problem is that I can't recede the unit since I don't have an original 0150 SW.
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  3. pokrovsky Member

    just to close this thread, I want to follow up and report that the unit is OK, the issue was infotainment CAN traffic problems caused by MFSW relay/control unit #618. It's all good now

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