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Discussion in 'MMI' started by htservice, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. lusytg New Member

    SVM update with latest code (19E9) or SVM for problem update, will bring the module up to correct software level.
    Then need to check it's talking to 17- dash panel with correct coding. it's all about different units talking the same talk!
    But as with audi the information is hidden within other things.
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  3. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Many Thanks as usual to my friends , finally got rid of this annoying error.
    In fact I've just updated the MMI of my new A5 , now it's a pleasure to scan the 5F without faults
  4. mickymix Member

    Glad to see you came back to the right world, after a pause of thoughts with another brand... ;-)

    "Te podevi anca dirlo pero'..." (You should have informed me anyway...)
  5. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Thanks Micky, I am very happy too. Sorry it wasn't planned for this month but last week I found this very nice A5 and I decided to buy it. As you can see on my signature there is a lot of retrofits to do so I have to enjoy myself for the coming winter and beyond :)
  6. mickymix Member


    I'm happy for you but at the same time I'm unhappy that you'll be on a different platform, so we won't exchange parts and/or information too much...
    For your information: I'm going on with KESSY, but I'm also considering POWER DOORS !!! ;-) It's more or less the same effort... (beside money...).
    Will meet you at the dealer next week ? Or maybe at Emilio's ? ;-)

    How did you got this car, already with such an ERROR on the ECM ??? Updating it ? Is it using MMI 3G ? or 3G+ ? Which version did you reach ?
  7. a4ss4abt Active Member

    My A5 mounts the standard 3G MMI like yours with a version K0022 now updated to K0031 but i didn't upgrade for a specific bug, I simply gave a touch of new . Unfortunately I'm reading here that a new K0054 has been released and probably I'll have to repeat the update with the disc 8R0 906 961 AF.
    Next week I should be on holidays like the dealer and Emilio too but eventually give me a phone call.
  8. mickymix Member

    Damn... I was wishing to get the update CD to update my system right next week, but it seems all of them are on holiday... :-(
  9. mickymix Member

    CD coming within few days... :)
  10. phil.tdi New Member

    Hi all, I've just had my navigation maps updated by Audi to 2011 ( 8R0 060 884N ) and now have this fault that Audi cant clear and say it is not important!!!
    I have tried to look at the calculation page that Craig linked but cant for the hell of me know how to work out the corrective number... An idiots guide needed, lol

    I interrogated with VCDS and my count number was 10420 if anyone can help.

    Thanks in advance guys.
  11. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Very simple,use the ostermiller scientific calculator :
    10420^51666 = 57702 is the value to put in adaptation.
    Very strange that an Audi dealer can't solve this issue
  12. phil.tdi New Member

    Thanks a4ss4abt. It was the calculating number I couldn't get. Does 57702 go in the new VALUE box?

    My thoughts exactly, I said there was a fault code and it couldn't be cleared. He plugged it in to SVM and came back to me saying that it was common and he had seen it before and printed something off. It showed a fault number and Audi mention in the report to do nothing about it, dont try any updates of SW etc!!!! Now that's service for you.

    What software version are people running on their MMI 3G, mines HNav_EU_K0031_3_D1, is this a dealer only upgrade as I have seen some have tried this themselves and got in bother. And if I tried it with the AJ disc would this fault come up again.

    Sorry for all the questions, but only recently back with Audi so a bit rusty. And Thanks to all who help.
  13. 7Alex700 New Member

    please help
    24474 -???
  14. chaosman Member

    Ohh ... come on ...
    I guess you are using Windows - right?
    Then start the windows calculator, switch to scientific mode and calculate "24474 Xor 51666".
    Don't forget to push the result (equal) button. (just to make it an absolutely noob safe instruction *lol*)
  15. a4ss4abt Active Member

    YES put that 57702 on new value and save.
    About your MMI version honestly I didn't see any relevant difference on the newer 072 and the 031 version but remember that the 3G MMI should be updated with the car connected to the AUDI Server. And more : there is a known issue between the 072 MMI and the latest MAP update so it's better to remain at 031 for you (since the problem will be solved).
    Finally remember: that fault will be always present if you will do a self made modification to the 5f
  16. betina New Member

    I can not understand how a scientific calculator.
    Please help
    Thank you.
    He made himself.
  17. kris Member

    Yes. Adaptation chanel 15 in 5F = 42594
  18. AndresAudiA3 Member

    Hi dears

    How can erase the same error svm 03276 on a RMC ? NAV low 7T2 ? Kris can you help me which channel is it ?
  19. randombod New Member

    Hi all

    I too am getting this error

    5F - channel 15
    Count- 17689
    Value - 0

    17689 ^ 51666 = 36043

    I hit test, then save, then read but it returns to 0
  20. nilsman73 Member

    Just wanted to thank everyone who contributed to this thread. Solved my annoying error :)
  21. audi80 Member

    Someone have the calculator for SVM code, the AudiEntusiast seems to be down

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