OEM Bluetooth in MMI 3g. Kufatec -or- VAG COM cable?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by nikosk, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. nikosk New Member

    Hi all,

    Had post this question here but thought this category might be more appropriate, so here it is once more..

    How would you go in retrofitting the OEM Bluetooth in a Q5 with MMI 3g Navigation plus ?
    Would you buy Kufatec's solution, or rather, buy a cable from Ross-Tech and perform it yourself?
    How about the additional mic that might be needed?

    Thanks in advance,
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  3. nikosk New Member

    Well, i went on and ordered the Kufatec unit, as I did not want to take any chances. Of course it would be great to have the VAG-COM to do other stuff as well, but my primary need was to activate the bluetooth.
    Anyway, the unit works like charm. Bluetooth activated, and works fine.

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