OEM bluetooth and Sirius without canbus

Discussion in 'C4 platform' started by mbagge01, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. mbagge01 New Member

    I know that people have done retrofits in C4 audis with an RNSE with the kufatec canbus emulator, But I am more interested if it would be possible to install the OEM bluetooth and sirius modules without a canbus. If the modules are hooked up directly to the RNSE, wouldn't it work by controlling it all from the RNSE display. I know that there would be no DIS display but I do not care about that. For instance, could you not just hook up the can high and can low wires from the bluetooth directly to the RNSE.

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    It has been a while but when I played with the phone interface on a bench it didn't work properly until I connected the instrument cluster to the whole setup. It may need to see some specific CAN messages to work properly. Not sure if the Kufatec CAN module provides those messages.

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