New wheels ordered - 22 inch - 285/25-22

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by nickysthlm, May 2, 2009.

  1. nickysthlm Member

    He-he - have ordered new 22 inch wheels for my A8 - the tires have already arrived - Pirelli P-Zero Nero - size 285/25-22 :D Rims will be arriving within 2 weeks. \\:D/

    My car is silver so my rims will be silver fo course :)


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  3. quantz Member

    They look awesome! ;-)
    Please, don´t forget to upload images once you fit them.
  4. nickysthlm Member

    Of course I will - the rims are from a Swiss Porsche tuner company called Rinspeed (they were bought last year by a German Bentley/Rolls/Aston Martin tuner Mansory). The wheels are designed for Cayenne so I will have to use 20 mm thick PCD adapters from 5x130 to 5x112 made - the ET on the rims is so it will not be a problem... Anyway will post pics as soon as I have the wheels on the car...
  5. nickysthlm Member

    finally - a little teaser...

    got the wheels on this week - here is a little teaser taken with crapy iphone camera - will take some better pics this week...

  6. djlex Member

    22"? My God. I wonder how does the Airmatic feel :) Those wheels are for SUV... You sure wanted a low rider ...
  7. billeuz2 Member

    I don't like.

    bye, Pascal / FRANCE
  8. nickysthlm Member

    Here are some new pics done by a professional photographer...






  9. nickysthlm Member

    Airmatic feels just fine - the ET is the same as original - and I hardly lost any comfort - they make more noise of course - original tires are 235 - these are 285 - and the car consumes a little more fuel - with original wheels about 9 l/100 km - and with these 11 l/100 km - Yes I know - these wheels were originally designed for Rinspeed Chopster based on Porshe Cayenne... My company represents Rinspeed (or actually Mansory these days) on the Swedish market.... So the wheels have a PCD of 5x130 and I had to use adapters - 15 mm front and 30 mm back...
  10. stlyamaha New Member

    i like, I have some RS style 22" I'm mounting tomorrow. Very nice ride.
  11. Werner New Member

    How do you get all the chrome around the windows, the front bumper, the audi badge, black?
  12. mmgsport New Member

    Congrats on making a special, amazing, expensive car look cheap.

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