New suspension in my A4

Discussion in 'B5 platform' started by MaTT889, Nov 6, 2012.

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    I just want to let you know that my English is not perfect so dont get mad for some spelling errors. So I bought 2001 A4 and I love it but it needs new suspension. But Im only 18 and I dont know what to do. My dad who is a mechanic says that I need to replace joints and and lower control arms on the front. There is a noise when I break or turn but only sometimes. I was also thinking about "converting" my A4 to S4 but only the look. Some bumpers, grille, maybe lower it a little bit but how to lower it? I know I need new springs and shocks but what else? Thanks for answers!
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    Don't go for the A4 that is pretending to be an S4 look, there's been an example of that on recently and the details that makes the difference had been missed so to anyone that knows it looked like a badly done botched job.
  3. Rick Ames New Member

    Hey Matt,
    I am also new Audi A4 owner. Mine is '98 & needed front control arms .I went w/ one of full kits (like 10-13 piece).Better deal! Car tracked much better and no more clunks & squeeks Just installed some coilovers to lower car(plus better handling).Bought some used(but good shape) 18" wheels & tires for cheap .Car now looks badass IMHO.Out of funds for minute.After reading some very good posts from some very knowledgeable folks, am planning entire turbo system upgrade for spring .This is quite re-learning curve for me, as my last project vehicle was Toy.Supra . Cheers

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