!!NEW!! MMI 3G high HDD set incl radio for sale

Discussion in 'Interior / Electrical / Multimedia' started by DanCAb, Mar 12, 2014.

  1. DanCAb Member

    !!Completely NEW!! MMI 3G high HDD multimedia navigatie/phone unit for Audi A4 8K A5 8T Q5 for sale.
    Unit is brand new.
    Unit jas an 40gb hard disk and 2 SD-cards slot for playing music.
    This is an European version. Not USA!
    Price €1100,-

    I have also a DAB radio-unit 4F0 035 061D for Audi A4 8K A5 8T Q5 . incl DAB-antenna
    Price €250,-

    Setprice €1200,-
    PM me for photo's and more info
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