New A6 A7 Hidden menu code required.

Discussion in 'VAG codes' started by Royle Auto Services, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. Royle Auto Services New Member

    The usual coding in 5F channel 6 no longer gives you access to the hidden menu.(was change 0 to 1)
    Does anyone know the new coding to gain access the hidden menu.
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  3. a8 tech Member

    it does,its the same for mmi 3g and 3g+

    10>06 set to 1 save then exit reboot mmi via softkeys as per owners manual

    press and hold car and menu for A7 until the screen changes to the green menu
  4. Royle Auto Services New Member

    Ha, they tell me its booked in for a fault with the MMI, so maybe thats why I cant accsess the menu.
    Will keep you posted when they fix the fault.
  5. Royle Auto Services New Member

    Nope, tried it again today,still won't access so tried two other 4G A6's. Couldnt access either of those.
    When I go back into channel 6 to read the code it has not been saved as 1 but changed back to 0.
    Any ideas welcome.
  6. craigyb Active Member

    I have a 4G car and it works for me
  7. Royle Auto Services New Member

    I did an A7 the other day with no problem, it just seems to be the A6's that have just been delivered that I'm having the problem with.
    Solution still needed.
  8. Royle Auto Services New Member

    Update - Installed AMI to Audi A6 4G chassis today with no problem getting into hidden menu, just did as before and got straight in.
    The other 2 A6's still a no go.
    They have been supplied with Aux input instead of AMI incase you are wondering.
  9. AndresAudiA3 Member

    The Audi with RMC ( non 3G plus+) is the channel #5 ....instead of 6 to be changed to gain access to green screen

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