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Discussion in 'C6 platform' started by Imd, Dec 26, 2012.

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    Hi. I have Audi a6 4.2 with AAS (automatic air suspension) and I'm in big dilemma that I need help,idea ,common sense what ever it may help. My problem start one month ago when I brought her to Indy shop for the upper control arms replacement. After the replacement the car was ok for 2 days after that the front went down and i can not bring her up, since then Im getting couple of codes for the AAS and no way to fix it. The first two codes are:
    01780 - Sensor for vehicle leveling
    003 -Mechanical failure - Mil ON
    02646 - Plausibility of level control system
    008 -implausible signal - MIL ON

    The front is very low, like 1cm from the top of the tire. I test the compressor, the valve block, front shocks and it does not appear to be a leak. Pull the level control sensor , clean them and sprey them with wd40. After this new code aprear on the vag and is

    01437 - control position not learned

    I tried everything and I can't input the measurement in the module via vag cause the car sits low. try after try the compressor over heats, its not raising the front and I can not calibrate the AAS. So this Monday I took her to the dealer in Englewood in nj , after an hour diagnostic they come up with an idea to try to replace the MMI buttons when I ask the why ,their answer was that the AAS selectable modes in MMI are grey out and need to replace the buttons which will cost $1080 + tax . I didn't buy it cause for me it doesnt make any sence, the modes are grey out because the module is not learned. But all shops agree that I have to change the buttons.

    So please if u have any ideas comments Or experience I would like to hear it. Thank you
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  3. RegulatorFix New Member

    Erase error codes in level module.

    Try running the output test in the level control module (36 IIRC) with VAGcom first. Move through some of the tests quickly, give others (lower front left, etc) a few seconds. For some it says "activate" and a message when it is 'done'. On others, I think you can click through.

    Then keep trying to get through the entire height calibration process in VAGcom (security login 31564, then adaption. goto block 1; then wait until car shows values.

    This is the part you can get kicked out because it may take too long for the system to reach the levels (starts with "low", then goes to 'normal'). My compressor is a bit 'tired' already, so it takes a while (and may get kicked out due to time or compressor temperature).

    Enter 388 (someone may double check this number) for the first two fields (front left, front right) and 380 (rear left, rear right, channel 3 and 4), just to get through procedure (you can later measure and enter the correct values) for field 1 to 4 (enter new value, test, save; select next field, repeat). When all 4 are done, go to block 5, enter "1", test, save. Close.

    With any luck, you system should now be ready and raised.

    To avoid having the 'position not learned' error code (which disables the system), avoid letting the car drop all the way down. It helps to raise car to highest level when parking it (increases the chance; plus leaks often occur only on lower levels).

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