Need a VCDS scan of a Audi A6 4G/A7 4G/A8 4H with RSE...

Discussion in 'MMI' started by nickysthlm, Jun 30, 2012.

  1. nickysthlm Member

    Anyone have a VCDS-scan of an Audi A6 4G/A7 4G/A8 4H with factory Rear Seat Entertainment? Specifically I need the coding of the DVD-changer - the one I'm working on is coded 010000 and only sends out video signal to the fakra-connection to 5F - there is another fakra connection which is according to ELSA goes to 7F - but I cannot get a video signal from it - the only other coding that seems to work is 020000 - still no video signal and an error saying input from RSE open... :S I can ofcourse tap into the connection to 5F but it would be more elegant to use the dedicated connection...
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  3. nickysthlm Member

  4. Paul H Member

    Afaik this is the fakra input from the rear that normally goes to the main unit but with the dvd changer it goes to that one and from the changer it goes to 5F.
    So it should be the input of the TV tuner / RVC
  5. NikolasZ Member

    Which DVD-player do you have? Is it 4H0 035 108A or B. If you have the A-version I am afraid Paul H is right. One connector is output to 5F and one connector is input from TV-tuner. If you have the B-version you have a third connector, which then goes to 7F. (I have one unused B-version. PM me if you want to know more.)
  6. nickysthlm Member

    Paul - DVD changer has 3 fakra connections - one is input from TV-tuner, second one to 5F and the third one to 7F. For some reason the changer in this car did not send video to 7F even when coded. I solved it by connecting to the 5F connection...
  7. kris.2010 Member

    Alphine DVD 10 00 00
    20 00 00 = +RSE

    "54" Tv tuner 01 01 00 00
    01 04 00 00 = + RSE

    :) i
  8. nickysthlm Member

    Kris, I know - and I tried that but it did not work - DVD-changer send out video signal only on the 5F connecton - the 7F output gave no signal att all... Anyway as I wrote I solved it by making a custom adapter and using the 5F output on the DVD-changer...
  9. ForestML Member

  10. xxxxy New Member

    Anyone has 7F controller code I have retrofit RSE but I don't know code of 7F controller anyone knows? Thanks a lot now RSE has no sound

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