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    Hello, New to the forums and looking into trading my e36 bimmer for an Audi. I know I am a trader but hey I am staying german... So it is a 2001 b5 s4 and seems to be heavily modified and best bang for my buck, or trade. Lol. I have mechanical experience and I know there is some slight work to be done well if a clutch kit is what I call slight.. what I am asking is this worth it and how are these cars from a maintenance standpoint? I havenever had a turbo vehicle and does that add a slight fragile affect to the motor? Idk can you guys just school me here? Thanks here is his post word for word:

    the top of this post is for people who dont want to read, the bottom is for people who are actually interested in the vehicle which they may purchase:

    2001.5 audi s4 6 speed twin turbo v6 158k miles PROS: aftermarket wheels new tires coilovers- h&r subs high performance chip (340+ hp) custom intake and exhaust clean title- second owner all routine maintenance ALWAYS performed EARLY with special order german parts for more details read below CONS: needs dash pixels fixed clutch needs replacement is actually the pressure plate that just wont hold up to the power, i could take the chip off and sell it like that but i try to be honest quarter sized tear in front seat bolster very slightly leaking valve cover gasket drivers side cv boot is torn and clicks slightly while turning and accelerating

    Now for those who want to read: Nice Audi S4 2001.5 6-speed manual with 158k miles on it. I'm second owner first owner was a family from Germany and was primarily driven by the owners wife with her child in the back. Needless to say it was not abused and i cleaned quite a few cheerios from under the seat when i got it. however, THE CLUTCH IS in need of replacement the car runs and drives but will not hold any gear over second at more than half throttle, this is a result of the extra power and is actually the pressure plate, i HAVE BEEN DRIVING IT THIS WAY WITH NO ISSUES FOR OVER 8 MONTHS NOW its completely driveable. a new RS4 clutch will run you $600. i have lowered the price 2 grand from my asking price because of this. i am rather firm at $6500, i got a 7300 dollar offer and turned him down before i lowered my price and he moved on. at this point i will be accepting offers im moving to southern california and need to sell.

    Highlights: -CLEAN TITLE, nothing from previous owner, only 2 fender benders from me, a guy who slammed on his brakes in front of me on a right hand green light then tried to sue me for back injuries, that paid out $73 dollars from insurance for a scratched license filler respray, maybe 2mph accident, and one that scratched the front bumper and scuffed a headlight from an idiot pulling out in front of me when i was in the carpool lane, professionally repaired, 20mph accident, paid out $740 from insurance for new headlight and bumper paint - new ko3 turbos at 100k -GIAC chip -full custom straight through 2.5 inch exhaust with piggie pipes(gutted pre cats) and stock cats -Custom built intake - new timing belt(second time its been done), engine seals (front and rear main) and wheel bearings 10k miles ago - cold weather package, heated leather seats, moonroof -custom built aluminum shift knob on a lathe -Motegi mr118 18x8 wheels with new Nitto neo-gen tires less than 5k miles - custom s4 front bumper with shaved headlight squirters and repainted after accident - h&r height adjustable coilovers with track springs all around sitting at 2.7 inch drop currently -depo e-code headlights -kenwood amp and 2 10inch alpine e-codes in custom box in the trunk

    Only bad with the car is a leaking valve cover gasket which only drips once about 5 mins after startup, and what is listed above, and the typical aging of paint and interior on a 10 year old car which is not considerable. Come check it out yourself I have tons more I could tell you about.

    PRICE is 6500obo or TRADE FOR A VEHICLE OF EQUAL VALUE or +/- cash vehicles that i am interested in: supermoto ducati drz husquevarna canyon or colorado pickup with a manual transmission or any other nice gas saving pickup manual transmission Audi avant 1.8t diesel volkswagen or mercedes. s10 toyota TDI passat or jetta caddy or rabbit pickup all trades are equal or plus or minus cash must be a manual text or email me a picture and i will say yes or no
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    Walk away and find another car that doesn't need this sort of expensive repair.

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