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  1. kris.2010 Member

    In response to our customers demands and needs, we decided to update our terms of services and contact rules. Beginning with this week, we introduce new VNSmedia Quality Standards, with the aim of clarifying the procedures of buying our products and guarantee services and to ensure that the contact with customers will be rapid and will deliver every bit of information needed.

    In our new standards we introduce:
    - 24 hours response time for all emails
    - all emails sent on the weekend (from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening) will be answered on Monday morning
    - 24 hours order handling during working days for items marked with 24 Hour Shipment symbol
    - all other items will be handled in maximum 3 working days time, if the order will be not shipped on third day, the customer can resign from order with no consequences or negotiate with us other form of compensation
    - exact estimated production time for custom-made items
    - free shipment for popular items from the offer
    - separate technical support and information communication channels
    - open Skype direct contact in working hours (Mon-Fri 8AM to 4PM UST+1)
    - rapid and detailed pricing for custom and whosale orders
    - elastic prices for whosale order
    - individual support with any issue connected to our services
    - catalogue offer available as downloadable document.

    We are sure that the beforementioned changes will resolve any issues that arouse in our communication with customers and will confirm the high-quality of our services.

    At the end we would like to remind any current or future customers that the is not an appropriate channel of communication with VNSmedia and we’ll not respond to any messages or claims voiced in posts in public section of the forum.

    If You want to contact us, please use the official channels:


    Inquiries about product range:
    Complaints, warranty services, technical support:


    Inquiries about our product range, orders: m.grzywacz.vnsmedia

    Complaint, warranty services, technical support: vnsmediapl


    +48 22 789 62 51

    And we hope the Audiforum community will not take this message the wrong way (commercial or otherwise unproper usage of the public forum) - we only post this message to clarify all the issues that were the topic of this discussion.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

  3. spinmar Member

    I have to report a new good experience with naviservice.
    Last week I buyed a new radio for my MMI 3g HDD retrofit because the old one had a problem.
    I asked for a (of course) 100% legal radio and full working: i payed for 4g0035053 and they seent me a 4g0035056A. It seems to be the same and then all was ok.
    I payed something more you can find on ebay/allegro but I wanted somenone who could assure me that the product was 100 legal.
  4. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Spinmar you have started here publishing your problems with Naviservice and now you spend time to report your good experience with them?
    Your post sounds a little fake to me.....and how they assured the legality of the radio.....with a document certified by Audi?
  5. mickymix Member

    I got offers to do the same, surfing the web, where I was even offered money to do the same...
    I think such messages have the same effect of complaints...

  6. spinmar Member

    Please before to tell lies you have to think some minutes more!!
    I'm reporting all my experiences with naviservices.
    As I wrote some was good and some not good: it's too easy to report only complaints.
    If you are a real member of a forum you have to report the good and not good experiences.
    This is the point.
    As you know I had some bad events with naviservice and some others were good.
    I wrote all and then a person decides himself what to do.
    a4ss4abt,mickymix: you are telling lies and I don't accept that you wrote some thing completely wrong inventing all.
    Petroldave: you are the super moderator and then I suppose that you can insert into the discussion....
    mickymix: you are italian and I'm italian too. So you can understand "diffamazione" ..... so pay attention because I don't accept any other phrases similar what you wrote.
  7. spinmar Member

    It's simply. I wrote and print all our email conversation. I asked for a 100% legal radio (of course) and they assured me that it was legal. So I told him that after removing CP in audi, if my audi dealer told me that it was stolen I would go to the italian police with all our conversation.
    In italy there is the crime "incausto acquisto": you have to prove that you are in good faith.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    I'm quite happy with the discussion as it is and don't intend to intervene.

    All I can see are reasonable opinions being expressed.

    You say you have a 100% legal radio, but the reality is that you had nothing from Audi to confirm that, only an email from Naviservice. So yes you may have complied with "incausto acquisto" in that you have shown good faith but you would not have independent proof - until you had been to the Audi dealer and had CP removed (have you done that yet?).
  8. spinmar Member

    Hi Petroldave,
    I don't like this kind of phrase: "I got offers to do the same, surfing the web, where I was even offered money to do the same...".
    If it is only a way to tell that a person offered him money to tell lies is ok but if he try to tell something else I don't accept it.
    I'm a person who is telling his experiences: some of these are good ones and other not. That is the point.
    For my retrofit MMI 3g I buyed all parts from ebay and fortunately all was ok. As you know from naviservice I only updated my unit 5f (with a problem), buyed wire (with more problems) and the radio.
    Anyway of course I removed CP as the first thing after I received the radio and audi dealer (the official one in Pisa) told me that all was ok.
    This ends my retrofit and all the system is working well.
  9. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Spinmar, I'm member of this forum from year 2005 and the Guys here know that I don't tell lies, I will not waste time to write obviousness and I don't like to read on your post....and please don't overhang my friend Mickymix.
  10. spinmar Member

    a4ss4abt, are you able to undestand what you wrote?
    "Your post sounds a little fake to me": this is lie because it's completely wrong.
    You can tell what you want but this remains your opinion completely wrong.
    What you are saying is obvious and you don't have the courage to say that you wrote a nonsense phrease.
  11. spinmar Member

    Just a point: I sent to our moderator a photo of the radio and the invoice of cp removing of my audi dealer (operation done last friday).
    This is to be clear what is telling the true and who is telling lies....
  12. a4ss4abt Active Member

    you write obviousness
    please stop to bother us !!!!
  13. spinmar Member

    Only bla bla bla
    You are not able to say anything different, anything with a proof.
    Only opinions without anything true.
    I am able to show document, object, audi invoice and paypal payment and you nothing.
    In a serious forum as you should pay attention what you write! Ridicolous!
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    Kris.2010 - your last post has been removed as it's promotional material and not related to the discussion in this thread.

    Please limit your promotional posts to your other thread.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Which I've deleted - ALL discussion on this subject MUST be in the public domain, and NOT in private messages.
  14. spinmar Member

    Ok Dave no problem. If anyone is interested I can show the radio, paypal payment, audi dealer invoice for cp remove and so on.
    Let me know.
  15. kris.2010 Member

    The rules were only to make things clear. All i can see that anyone who writes good things about is seen as a lier. That is not correct. It is all getting one sided.I still want to insert this rules - how can i do it?? I dont want to waste time again to argue with clients who don't know our policies.
  16. mickymix Member

    My official reply, starting from the bottom:

    @kris.2010: I'm not a "client" and I doubt I'll ever be. Anyway, I'm quite used reading policies BEFORE, not after. I also keep a copy of the ones I read, to prevent people changing them AFTERWARDS. :cool:

    @spinmar: Dear "young forum user", it's a real shame that the following sentence cannot be translated in English with the same emphasys it has in Italian, and expecially in my local slang, which gives the idea much more than the few words it's made of:
    :cool:" I'm only responsable of what I SAID, not of what you did understood ".:cool:
    And if you think that I'm GUILTY of "diffamazione", go SUE me. :D

    Said so, I think anyone can read the above messages and get the "picture"
  17. spinmar Member

    Of course. Anyone is resposable of what he says.
    Reading the thread is clear that i have the proof that I'm not saying lies: this is the only point clear to everyone. Your opinion are based on NOTHING: instead of say bla bla bla write something with proofs.
    So instead od talking of nothing tell me if you want to see the docs.

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