Discussion in 'MMI' started by John Zimmerman, Aug 11, 2012.

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    To me the crux of Mr. Driscoll's problem with Naviservice is that he says he didn't receive the item(s) he ordered from you.

    The key question IMHO is this - did Naviservice ship the item(s) he had ordered to him?

    1) If you did and they were signed for on receipt, then Mr. Driscoll's claim is without foundation, and that's the end of this matter.

    2) If you did and the carrier has lost the item(s) then it is the responsibility of Naviservice to claim a refund from the carrier, and to re-ship the item(s).

    3) If you did not ship them, then whether there is a 60 day limit on PayPal to make a claim is IMHO irrelevant - if someone has paid for something then you should either ship it to them or provide a refund - end of.

    I would be interested in your comments on my views.
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  2. mickymix Member

    PetrolDave was just quicker than me in writing the same words I wanted to write while reading kris.2010 answer... which indeed is a non-answer...

    This is the last line wrote by the accuser... and you still have to clear the situation...

    This is not really a good position for you: and the customer, beside PayPal limits, should still have more than 4 months of warranty, based on your statements... (provided he got what he paid for on or about the 4th of February 2012...).

    But I guess you'll try to hide behind the excuse that you won't waste more words on this, and so we won't get any answer...
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator


    I've removed your last post in this thread from public view (but not totally deleted it) as it was blatant advertising and made no attempt to answer the outstanding questions raised in this thread.

    When/if you answer those questions I'll be more than happy to restore your last post to public view - in a thread of it's own.
  3. Igi Member

    I see very unprofesional from Kris.2010 open the real name of John Zimmermann.
  4. mickymix Member

    The real name of Mr. Zimmermann was disclosed by Mr. Zimmermann itself in its receipt copy more than one month ago...
    But he had been unprofessional on many other aspects...
  5. spinmar Member

    I have a problem with naviservice too.
    I hope kris can help me because I don't like how naviservice is behaving.
    I buyed from naviservice the whole wires for MMi 3g HDD retrofit for my Q5.
    By email (I can post its email) naviservice accepted to give me the wires with extended cable for esp, antenna gps indoor and bt mic.
    I payed wiyh paypall.
    When I received the shipment, there were three problems:
    - gps antenna indoor was absent;
    - extended cable was absent;
    - video cable was wrong: the fakra connector on 5f is grey while they inserted a yellow one. Each fakra connector can be connecetd only with its color and not one other.
    I wrote naviservice but they didn't reply me. It is very strange because before they replied immediatly to my email.
    I hope that naviservice can solve its errors becasue I paid for the whole and full working wires.
    Kris can you solve the problem as soon as possibile? I can't go on with my retrofit for your problem.
    Best regards
  6. craigyb Active Member

    I emailed Nvaiservice 10 days ago, still no reply,

    If your remember Kris' statement....

    "Polish companies are conquering the world markets because it’s hard-working nation, always acting on logical basis, very quick in adapting to changes on world markets"

    I very much doubt they will if they continue to do business like this and just come across as sharlatans and scammers.
  7. spinmar Member

    In my case the errors of naviservice are evidents: they don't send me parts of the wires I paid for and one cable is wrong (it's incredible that they are doing this kind of errors: kris says that naviservice is on the top of this kind of operations and they don't know that fraka connector for video in 5f is grey!!).
    Anyway I hope that naviserivce and kris admit their errors and send me asap the missing parts.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    That's now three people having problems with Naviservice - seems the problem that John Zimmerman had is not a one off.

    IMHO not replying to emails is very bad practice, and not a sign of a professional business.

    Kris - we would really be interested in not just words but actions to resolve these issues.
  8. nickysthlm Member

    I am not defending Naviservice - while they do know what they are doing and have the technical competence I totally agree that they are absolutelly worhthless at customer care and always take way too long to respond. Though consider this - put the price for the cable set you bought for about 300 € in relation to what it would cost you to make it yourself - only the parts would cost as much considering that only the Fakra display cable costs about 100 € at an Audi dealer.

    To solve your problem though - the cable you received works... try it and you will see - if it does not fit remove the all the guides except the lock with a blade...

    I have bought cables MMI 3g retrofit cables from them many times and they never send the ESP extender - though they have never promised to do so either... but the problem is easily solvable - if something is too short what do you do with it? ;)
  9. kris.2010 Member


    We already, in email correspondence, explained all the errors. As for GPS antenna, it was shipped on 20th of September to your address, as stated in email. As for ESP/Park Assistance/Assistance to Descent extension, it was explained (with admitting you haven't received info by miscommunication on our side) that we cannot physically do anything like that, the connectors for such extension don't exist and it must be done manually from car installation.

    See the excerpt from our mailing:

    Il 20/09/2012 10.43, NAVISERVICE Online Shop ha scritto:


    Sorry, I haven't received this information before shipping the cable, but extension for ESP, Parking Plus and Assistant to Descent is impossible to do - there are no sockets for this existing, so in order to connect, the person who installs MMI must take the cables straight from car installation and extend them.

    Pozdrawiam/best regards

    NAVISERVICE Information Center

    As for FAKRA cable, we have only yellow coloured connectors. It's the same connector, only different color.

    The lack of extension, as well as the FAKRA color, are the basis for returning the cable and receiving money back, as in normal return procedure.

    Furthermore, we maitain returns and customer support services by direct email or phone contact, not on We respond to recent complaints as an exception, but we would not like, in our and our customers best interest, to resolve problems by beforementioned direct contact methods. If you do want to contact us through forum for any reasons, please send us PM and we'll respond as soon as possible.

    Our company went through extensive, personnel and organizational changes in few last months. We created new departaments for shipping, maitaining orders and production control, and we hope that those changes will allow us to provide better, professional services consistent with European and worldwide standards.

    If you haven't received reply for your email, it probably got lost somehow. Maybe it was catched by spam filters by mistake or wasn't received by our server at all. Please try to send it again or contact us by phone or write to othe email (we have more that one public accounts)
  10. spinmar Member

    I reply to Kris to be clear all the facts.
    When I wrote you about the missing gps antenna naviservice replied me that it will be sent to me. I asked the track id three times and you didn't reply me anymore.
    Then I wrote you about the video cable wrong and you didn't reply me! I wrote again and you didn't reply me again.
    So send me the track id.
    About the esp cable: it was an error that you didn't tell me that you don't provide it when I asked you that I needed it. Other companies like navistore when you buy the same cable gives you the extended cable. I hope to solve it in one other way.
    Your phrase "As for FAKRA cable, we have only yellow coloured connectors. It's the same connector, only different color" is not true because to insert the yellow fakra connector in the grey one you have to modify it. So I have to do some work that I paid for. It's simple but you have to do the work in the right way. Otherwise you have to write the clients that the connector you sent must be modified to be used.
    So I'm looking forward to receving your track id shipment and nect time please write clear what you can do and what you can't.
    Best regards
  11. spinmar Member

    I should have solved all my problems with Naviservice: I have to test all the components (this week end I'll retrofit MMI 3g HDD) and I hope that all works by navisrvice have been made in a workmanlike but I have to say that they solved all problems I had last time.
    They sent me a GPS antenna and an extender cable for esp buttons (I received today). Kris well done!!
    I modified the video cable in order to be able to insert the yellow fakra connector in gray connector of 5f.
    So in my case Naviservice seems to have acted as a serious and realiable company.
    As said before I hope that the work done by Naviservice on my 5f , radio and cable are well done: otherwise I'll contact Kris again to obtain support.

    Best regards
  12. kris.2010 Member

    You don’t have to thank me for anything! I hadn’t personally prepared Your installation.

    I also would like to inform, that Naviservice handles orders in fixed term and basing on documentation.

    Standard term for order handling is 2 days, but in some cases it can take 14 days as well.

    Claims, complaints and returns are handled from the moment we received an not longer than 14 days limit.

    For email inquiries Naviservice responds in 24 hours time.
    >Not in 1 hour time!<
    >We’re not reading spam-marked messages<

    I also would like to inform, that writing to me on the public forum will not speed up the delivery, will not change the legal rules of trade handling and our terms of service, will not make our office workers available 24/h and will not resolve any issue. The contact methods available on our official website are only methods sending inquiries, complaints and receiving information about order.

    I’m present on the forum as private user and I’m here to share my knowledge, not to defend myself from unsupported accusations.

    Mr Driscoll, who started this thread, had contacted us only AFTER he accused us publicly on forum and only then he had given us any explanation about the claims he has. His case is already closed, with positive results, but he hasn’t written about it on forum, because he was here for attack and not for clarifying and resolving the case.

    Mr Spinmar don’t have to thank me personally, because all was resolved in time as in standard procedure and I have no merit in finalizing it.

    The issue was solved in standard guarantee procedure time and no threat of publicizing the case or accusing us on forum was the reason for resolving it.

    So I want to inform the users of this forum:

    With pleasure I can help You to understand the work of Audi electronic systems.
    With pleasure I can help with coding or choosing the right devices.
    I can give You contacts to any Naviservice products vendor.

    I will not give the complaint status here.
    I will not sell anything on this forum.
    I will not give any information that are secured by copyrights.
  13. spinmar Member

    Hi Kris
    maybe you don't understand the meaning of forums and in particular case od public important forum as audiforums.
    In this forum all persons try to help each other and this means also exchange information about services provided by company as Naviservice.
    So when I had some problems before I wrote to official email support of naviservice without obtaining nothing, then I wrote here because it was correct to inform all persons.
    In the same way when naviservice solved all the problems I wrote here because people should know the negative but also the positive feedbacks.
    This is the point.
    Best regards
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    kris.2010 - I've said before that this thread is NOT for you to place your advertising (which is why your advertising post of earlier today has been deleted from this thread), it's for you to answer the complaints of some of your customers.

    It appears that the problems spinmar had have been resolved, but only after he posted here - not as a result of emailing Naviservice. Not responding to emails is something that Naviservice needs to resolve - and criticising your customers for using other methods to draw your attention to problems is IMHO not acceptable until you sort out the problems with you not reading emails.
  14. kris.2010 Member

    I do not share with your opinion
    Watching topic people see what is best for them
    Say - see, I found a solution in Audiforum
    Here you will find a good solution and help

    I know - I can not insert here advertisement
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    So what do you do - post promotional material, which is a subtly different thing from adverts but still advertises Naviservice - so doesn't belong in this thread.

    Promotional material moved here
  15. mickymix Member

    I'm sorry but I feel quite offended by the behaviour of this man (kris.2010), which signs himself as CEO of two companies (I'm CEO of three, so I beat him)... :eek:
    His behaviour is offending towards the whole community. I think moderators have been even more patient that they should have been.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    If the feeling of the community is that more drastic action is right then, as agents of the community, that's what the Moderators will do.

    But we need to know the opinion of many people - let us know.

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