Discussion in 'MMI' started by John Zimmerman, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. John Zimmerman New Member

    Don't deal with it's all over the internet there ripping people off search people
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  3. John Zimmerman New Member

    Do a google search on They are running off with peoples money stay away!
  4. kris.2010 Member

    Naviservice is a lider in production and developement of car audio systems.
    Thanks to low production cost and co-operation with the finest engineers available we provide high-quality products at low price.
    Such an offer makes the competition scared and they’re trying to attack us with all means necessary.
    Such a situation arose when we developed first mounting wire for VW MFD navigation system – competition from Germany accused us that the Polish cables can ignite a fire in the car.
    And now Mr. ‘John Zimmerman’ desperately writes a bunch of lies in order to block competition wherever he can because he knows, that his company has no chance in direct rivalry with us.
    For us it is a sign that indicates that we’re going in the right direction – and we are proud of it.

    Mr. John Zimmerman, can you provide some specific, proven examples of people deceived by Naviservice.
    What frustrates you and who you really are?

    On the forums mentioned by you I’ve found no people that was cheated by Naviservice.
    Examples please, so the other people interested won’t waste their time on searching.

    Polish companies are conquering the world markets because it’s hard-working nation, always acting on logical basis, very quick in adapting to changes on world markets – You won’t stop it, Mr. John Zimmerman.

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    PetrolDave Super Moderator


    This thread has been created for ALL discussion on this subject.,

    ALL posts elsewhere WILL be deleted.
  5. John Zimmerman New Member

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    Web Accept Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID #7KW08103KA7825045)

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    Feb 4, 2012 Payment To NAVISERVICE Completed ... -€137.37 EUR

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    Feb 4, 2012 Currency Conversion Completed Details €137.37 EUR


    Business Name:
    NAVISERVICE (The recipient of this payment is Non-U.S. - Verified)
    Payment Sent to:

    Total amount:
    -€137.37 EUR
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    €0.00 EUR
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    -€137.37 EUR (equals -$185.03 USD)


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    -$185.03 USD
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    €137.37 EUR
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    1 U.S. Dollar = 0.742420 Euros

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    €137.37 EUR
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    Item Title:
    Total of 1 items from in value of 137,37 eur (including payment fees and delivery costs)
    Feb 4, 2012
    07:23:00 PST

    Shipping Address:
    39 Washington Cir
    West Hartford, CT 06119
    United States

    Business Contact Information

    Customer Service URL:
    Customer Service Email:
    Customer Service Phone:
    +48 227896251

    Funding Type:
    Instant Transfer
    Funding Source:
    $185.03 USD - Bank of America Checking (Confirmed) x-3411

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    MasterCard Card XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-6560

    Then show shippment or payment on this You can not
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    John Zimmerman,

    There is no need to repeat the last line of your previous post in another post.
  6. Brad Jacobs New Member

    I don't understand? I have been watching this post and they have been complaining about getting ripped off by in return Naviservice calls a member a lier unless he can prove otherwise.The member shows a receipt as proof and asks for Naviservice for proof of payment or shippment. I have not seen Naviservice respond to this only the member banned and his posts deleted. Can show shippment or payment on the above receipt? I think members here should see that Naviservice is a reputable outfit and did not steal money from this person and show shippment or payment on the above receipt. If Naviservice does not or my post deleted Then I think the smart members here will know why.
  7. Brad Jacobs New Member

    The member claiming ripped him off appears to be the same guy posting this all over the internet trying to ruin Good reputation. I don't know why doesn't sue the guy. But they could prove him a lier if they showed shippment or payment on the above receipt. There is only 1 reason wouldn't do that and that is they actully did rip him off.
  8. craigyb Active Member

    Well I can name at least 2 polish companies that have ripped me off over the years and a german company as well, so I don't think cheating is limited to any country, but I wouldn't go around boasting that Polish companies are the best in the world as that simply is not true.

    I do think that being in another country makes it easy to cheat and steal money.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    As far as I am aware no member has been banned for posting on this subject, I believe that is you jumping to assumptions.
  9. Haaggie Forum Supporter

  10. kris.2010 Member

    Car Systems are totally different company - don't connect them to us.
  11. mickymix Member

    Well, kris.2010, can you then update the evolution of the matter with Mr. "John Zimmerman" a.k.a. "wILLIAM DRISCOLL", telling us all if you sent the money back, if you sent the bought item or managed giving the requested service ?

    You asked for proofs, they were given... can you make us all more "confident", giving YOUR proofs ?

    Just for my couriosity...
  12. drdrewusaf New Member

    Not just your curiosity... I just got my S5 and I am curious as well.
  13. mickymix Member

    In Italy we call this behaviour as "merchant ears": maybe kris.2010 only has ears which hear what HE WANTS...

    - Excuse me, Sir, is the milk "fresh" ?
    - Sure ! I just got it out of the fridge !!!
  14. spinmar Member

    I'm curious to know too.
    What is the reply of naviservice?
    Best regards
  15. kris.2010 Member

    The payment that was made by Mr Zimmerman (or William Driscoll, as his really named) was indeed made on 4th of February 2012. He had 60-days to use PayPal option to issue a claim and demand the return of the money he sent us. After that, according to PayPal regulations, there is no other option to demand refund nor the payment is valiable for any kind of refund anymore. We haven’t received PayPal claim then and William Driscoll haven’t even tried to do the refund legally, as he was entitled to do as a user of PayPal (and therefore the claim would be enforced and monitored by PayPal, as a part of official buyer-seller issue solving process).

    Mr Driscoll haven’t used any of the PayPal claim options during 60-day limit. In fact, he haven’t tried doing anything for many months and he just reappeared recently with his ‘crusade’ aimed at us. Why he hasn’t used legal PayPal options when it was possible? We don’t know. But demanding refund after the time for legally demanding refund is long gone makes Mr Driscoll actions a claim that has no ground in money transfer regulations, transaction regulations or even law itself.

    We consider the case closed – at our side, everything is fine by the letter of PayPal regulations and law and we’re not obliged to do anything. Posting the comments about Naviservice being a thief or fraud is a rather childish movement when person that’s posting those comments hadn’t used the legal means, enforced by payment system, to resolve the problem when it arouse – as a seller, we suggest to get to know system and its buyer’s protection regulation before actually using it.

    As a serious company, we won’t invest time and energy to reply to every misguided slander that appears on web. We won’t comment further on this issue.
  16. spinmar Member

    Hi Kris,
    I don't know much about the thread and the problem Mr. Driscoll is complaining about but I want to reply to your observation above.
    2/3 weeks ago I sent you my unit 5f to do some updates and I paid you with paypal.
    My unit came back to me with no problem and I received an email with the operations done. All ok.
    I have to use my unit in my retrofit MMI 3g High but I still miss some components to start retrofit.
    So probably many other days will pass before I can test my unit 5f and the operations you did.
    Do you agree with it?
    I hope you did a good work in my unit but sometimes 60-day limit is not sufficient.
    So when I'll do my retrofit I discover that you did some error, what I have to do?
    Best regards
  17. kris.2010 Member

    You shouldnt worry because we give 12 months warranty for such services, and it is our duty to help You with everything You need during that time.
  18. spinmar Member

    Very good Kris.
    I just sent you my radio to do one other work.
    Best regards

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