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Discussion in 'MMI' started by lauritor, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. lauritor New Member

    My car is A6 C7 2,0tdi avant 2011/12
    Can someone help me with this: I just call audi dealer here in Finland and i told that i want to upgrade my car mmi radio plus to mmi navi low. They told me that this is impossible because they can not parametrize used mmi unit with navi option to my car.. So what i do, i think Kufatec can but their option(2229e) is too much.
    Will used mmi navi low unit work in my car if i find unit with same option?(cp can be removed by dealer they said) What about if used mmi low unit has more option than mine...? i just got BT,mmi radio plus, parktronic front/rear.
    So lot of to think, what should i do?
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  3. spinmar Member

    All what you need is to know the part number of the mmi you want to install.
    You can find it in etka.
    You must be careful when you buy it. It must be 100 legal otherwise when your dealer remove cp you will get an error and police will be informed automatically about it....
    The options you wrote (bt, parking plus) are just bits you can select with vag when you configure it.
    So Please be informed about vag or find a friend with it.
    Last advice: upgrading from radio to mmi means replace much other parts: cable, gateway, ...
    Verify the parts numbers you have and what you need
  4. kris.2010 Member

    When Navi LOW see VIN from your car then automatically blocked.

    You have only one choice
    3Gplus 4G0.

    you need new LCD xxx604
    Navi unit 4g0035666 / 670 ( google earth unit )
    Radio unit 4g0035053
    and wiring with BT.

    Cost with support ca. 2000€
  5. nickysthlm Member

    Kris - what are you talking about? What automatically block? I have installed Navi Low (RMC unit by Delphi) in at least 10 A6 and A7 (C7 4G) and it's no problem - in three cases customer was Audi Stockholm ;)

    Spinmar - you are wrong - on C7 coding is not enough - unit has to be parametrised to cars options...

    The biggest problem with retrofitting navi low in a6, a7, a1 and q3 (they have same system) is that there is no way - or at least no easy way - to update the maps...
  6. lauritor New Member

    So Nickysthlm what do you advise me to do?, should i look for 3Gplus or what?
  7. nickysthlm Member

    It depends on yor budget - navi low you can buy for 500-1000 € - navi plus will cost you 1500-2000 € - also navi low is quite simple to install - basically swap the unit and install a GPS-antenna. For plus you have to install new cables from front to back, change keypad, screen, radio unit...

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