Nav or no-nav in the RNS-E, how can you tell?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini' started by slowpoke, May 7, 2007.

  1. yellowducati1098 New Member

    I just sent an email to him as well and waiting to hear back.....what is his email address?? there is a contact form I filled out there but not sure how to find his email.....
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  3. gsmps New Member

    Did you hear back ?
  4. yellowducati1098 New Member

    i got an email from him...but it requires me to remove the head unit, ship it to him since he is in chicago and I am in west coast. he will then have to unlock it and ship it back to me :( sounds like a long process but might be worth it....i wish I could figure out how to unlock it my self....
  5. gsmps New Member

    Might be the same guy I contacted as well. Did he say something about only being able to send it after the 1st?

    I am going to send mine in, since the local Audi & Lamborghini shops have been no help

    I think I can live without music for 2 days
  6. Mark_B New Member

    I am also looking to getting this working. I really don't want to remove the unit and I'm in the UK so won't be shipping it to the US.
  7. Haaggie Forum Supporter

    Contact me for enabling navigation on the pre 2010 unit. I'm in Holland, so I can come over and do the conversion, or just ship the unit to me.

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