My navi plus thinks I'm driving in reverse all the time?

Discussion in 'CD Navigation Plus' started by mitchelm, Apr 30, 2005.

  1. mitchelm New Member

    I do not have the reverse signal connected at all. Basically the nav thinks I am turned around 180 degrees, as I can confirm this with the compass. When I am facing north, it thinks I'm facing south. Is this something with the nav unit or gps antenna, because it locates my position, just has me orientated in the exact opposite direction.
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  3. TeddyBGame New Member

    never heard of this one....maybe:

    1) check setting menu and see if map screen is set to direction of travel?
    2) drive in 5-6 circles in a parking lot to recalibrate GPS antenna?
    3) faulty GPS antenna...replace.

    keep us posted.
  4. mitchelm New Member

    ok, got it figured.

    Somehow, the navi was receiving +12V on the reverse signal eventhough it wasn't connected. I connected finally and it solved the problem. However, I dont I either didn't make a good connection or I have the wrong wire, because it doesn't got to +12V when I throw it in reverse and think I am moving forward. I tapped the blue and red wire in the black connector behind the driver side kick panel, is this correct?
  5. TeddyBGame New Member

    Ok. Not sure if I can decipher your I'll give it a try:

    1) disconnect the 12+ wire to the 26 pin connector. If you want to find a source for the reverse this forum for other posts, websites etc. (I really didn't care for the reverse I didn't bother)

    2) Connect appropriate 12+ or ignition power source to the 26 pin (per all the info posted on this site)

    3) check setting menu and see if map screen is set to direction of travel?

    Good luck!

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