Multimedia B7 S-Line steering wheel retrofit

Discussion in 'B6 platform' started by PROXUS, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Just cutted the 2 wires of second stage and soldered together with those of first stege. Remember also maybe you'll have to change the yellow connector rear the S/C ring because the old one doesn't plug in the new S/C ring and there you'll have to extract the pins coming from the single ignitor harness and insert them in new connector.See my previous posts.
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  3. AvanTTix Member

    is there a part number for that yellow connector or is that the one from this harness?
  4. a4ss4abt Active Member

    No what I mean is not related to Airbag harness; it is the yellow connector in the rear of S/C ring coming from the single ignitor. Sorry but I don't remember the part number and my dealer is closed now. In any case it was very easy to find it to the dealer. See the pics....
  5. dunk Member

    it was mentioned earlier in the thread that it was a pity this cant be dont for the b5 -

    if the steering wheel control module from the b7 talks to the radio and phone using canbus, and the exitsing b5 abs module talks through its own wires, isnt it possible to add a b7 steering wheel module, b7 s/c ring and b7 mfsw with all new wiring to a b5 a4 and the module should correctly control the rns-e and oem bluetooth module?

    or am i missing something

    im not talking upgrade old mfsw, i am talking complete new install in a b5 non-mfsw car.
  6. a4ss4abt Active Member

    :( :( :( :shock: :shock: :shock:
  7. pepelolo30 New Member

    Hi to everybody

    Can anyone to post a MF connector steering wheel photo?

    Proxus posted a MF connector photo of the S/C ring with the pinnout description.

    I want to install a MF steering wheel in my A4B6. I want to install 4 radios SW, but I don´t know the connections.

    I think that I have to chage:

    - The steering whell
    - The S/C Ring
    - The airbag

    Isn´t it?

    Can anyone to post the ref of the S/C Ring that is compatible with multifunction?

    Please, I need help. Thanks and best regards.

    Sorry for my poor english
  8. Dizmaal New Member

    Part number?

    Does anyone have the part number handy for just the controls and harness for steering wheel B?
  9. AudiDudey New Member

    Can the newer type steering wheels be successfully paired up with older airbag controllers? I have a 3-spoke S-line punched leather wheel at the moment and as you all know, there isn't a multifunction version available in this style.

    I was under the impression that most (if not all) of the 'Single Frame Grille' type airbags were dual stage ones and so would be incompatible with older controllers.

    If that is not the case, then I'd love to carry out this mod as well - got hooked on this type of wheel when I had an A3 DSG courtesy car recently - those little thumbwheels are so much better than the buttons for controlling volume.

    Now for the $64,000 question - can this be fitted to a TT? As some of you may know, the steering column electrics are substantially different to the A4 and newer A3 cars.

    Any help from the experts out there greatly (and I do mean greatly - Audi are absolutely no help, despite me wanting to throw lots of cash at them!) appreciated.

  10. livefour2day Member

    if you have the B6 then you are correct you do not have the dual stage air bag thats in the new B7 3 spoke MFSW so you have to modify the air bag wiring so the dual stage air bags become a single stage ie the air bag will fully inflate upon impact this is done at your own risk i have just completed this mod but i looked at all the dangers before i did this, and i have to say its well worth doing it in my opinion but think carefully before you do it even more so if your car is still under warrenty.

    Look at PROXUS thread on this its fully documented on exactly how to do it. secondly its not a cheap mod its not just the wheel you will need a SC Ring £189, Control module £120, 4 pin plug. and of course the wheel £270, air bag £600 total i paid £1184
  11. AudiDudey New Member

    Thanks for the quick reply, but I don't have a B6, but a TT and as far as I can tell. the slip ring is combined (or not as the case may be, depending on equipment) with the multifunction controller, see attached extract from ETKA

    I know it's not going to be cheap, but the best things in life are not free!


  12. a4_turbo New Member

    I got these prices from the dealership - are they accurate or did I get the wrong parts?

    The conversion seems pretty expensive if using dealership prices.

    8P0 880 201 BG AIRBAG ----- 734 USD
    8E0-953-549-R Control Module ----- 279 USD
    4E0 953 541 B S/C ring ----- 426 USD

    I have this black MFSW for B7 A4s for sale and someone interested asked me to get the parts needed for conversion and approximate prices.

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you
  13. destroi35 Member

    can you help me please

    can any body help me
    My car is an audi B6 from 2004. and i decided to make some changes on it.

    i change the all in my car and i put this:
    Control module - P/N 8E0 953 549 R
    S/C Ring * - P/N 4E0 953 541 B
    i have a B7 steering wheel with multifunction Airbag Wiring Harness

    i left just 1 airbag stage and the light on Airbag is still on,
    i united the bouth wire fro stages like in the first post and the same problem . the light still on . can you help me???
    what to do next?
  14. migsan Member

    View my post:
  15. destroi35 Member

  16. jayman New Member

    Confirm that airbag goes of in case of accident

    Hi all,

    I can confirm that the airbag goes of in case of accident IF both airbag wires are connected.

    I got the confirmation from a user of the site - Danmarks største bilgalleri
    (Audi A4 18T Quattro "SOLGT" - - Danmarks strste bilgalleri)
    who did the modification on the airbag wires, and crashed his car.

    Other users who has warned about this mod probably only connected one of the airbag triggers.

    I just bought the steeringwheel and was seriously considering selling it again to a B7 user, but after more research and the confirmation from this user, i'll go ahead and do the mod.

    My car is a B6 without multifunction, so these parts are required for the mod (if you already got the wheel+airbag):

    Electronic: 8E0 953 549 R
    C-ring: 4E0 953 541 B
    Airbag cable: 4E0 972 133 (between car and c-ring)
    cable: 4F0 971 589 A (inside the wheel)

    Unfortunately i don't know how to do the wiring mod, could someone please help with this part? some pictures, and step by step howto would be appreciated!

  17. migsan Member

    This was I have done in mine:

    The parts that I use and method:

    B7 SCMS: 8E0 953 549 Q (You can use the newest one: 8E0 953 549 R)

    Self-Cancelling Ring B7 MF compatible: 4E0953541A (You can use the newest one:4E0953541B)

    B7 6 pin Airbag connector, and re-wire in the following way:
    Pin1 - Yellow
    Pin2 - White

    After all, you will need to code in Vag-Com.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    I'll repeat the usual warning here - fitting a dual-stage airbag from a B7 into a B6 which has a single-stage airbag controller will probably invalidate your insurance, and is not proven to work in an accident.

    The only recorded accident where a dual-stage airbag was fitted into a car with a single-stage airbag controller resulted in the drivers airbag not working.

    You should think whether the looks of a B7 MFSW are worth the risks.

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