Multimedia B7 S-Line steering wheel retrofit

Discussion in 'B6 platform' started by PROXUS, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. a4ss4abt Active Member

    With only first stage connected this is the report:
    Address 15: Airbags
    Part No: 8E0 959 655
    Component: Airbag 8.4E 5001
    Coding: 0010702
    Shop #: WSC 63351

    No fault code found.
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  3. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Today new test trying to reverse the connection of the wires but nothing changed : I can connect the 4 wires inverted and the lamp goes always on. If I connect only 2 wires everything is ok. If I erase the fault Vag-com give me no fault found but the lamp comes On. The report is:
    Control Module Part Number: 8E0 959 655
    Component and/or Version: Airbag 8.4E 5001
    Software Coding: 0010702
    Work Shop Code: WSC 63351
    1 Fault Found:
    00588 - Airbag Igniter; Driver Side (N95)
    002 - Lower Limit Exceeded - MIL ON
    I'm going CRAZY :evil: :evil: :evil:
  4. PROXUS Administrator

    what is your S/C part number?
  5. a4ss4abt Active Member

    S/C is 4E0 953 541 B
    ST.WH. is 8E0 419 091 DG TMA
    AIRBAG is 8E0 880 201 DH 6PS
    CONTR. is 8E0 953 549 R
    I've bouht everything new from my Audi Dealer and I've spent +/- 1.400,00 €. This is the reason why I'm not so happy!! :evil: :evil:
  6. BayrischerS4 New Member

    I had the same problem and went with the stock SC ring (one that was originally on the car)after re-wiring the connector for the new wheel and my problems went away.
  7. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Perfect I've sold my old S/C :( :( :( :(
    But no problem if I have to buy my old S/C and the harness it's no so hard :) :) :) What year is your car?
  8. BayrischerS4 New Member

  9. a4ss4abt Active Member

    I was thinking this problem was related to my 02 A4 only. Can you tell me the part number of your S/C ring please? What do you mean in re-wiring the connector?
    Many thanks for the reply, you are the first who can really resolve my problem. :( :( :( :( :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
  10. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Some pics of My S/C ring, St.wheel and my litlle car

  11. BayrischerS4 New Member

    I will let you know which SC ring I have when I get back, I'm about 4.000,00 Kilometers from my car and I don't remember what the number is.

    As for the re-wire; what I did was take the wire harness from the B7 steering wheel and the wire harness from my original wheel (I did have a two row connector so this will make a difference). I then put both connectors in front of me and lined up the connectors the way they plug into the SC ring (see Alex's post with pictures of the two different connectors earlier in this thread). The terminals are different between the two connectors so you can't just swap them out. I would not advise anyone to do what I am about to describe but I did it because I have the skills, tools and ability to do so.

    I cut the terminals off on the B7 wheel harness and also on the B6 wheel harness; used the terminals from the B6 harness, stripped the wires and soldered the terminals to the harness from B7 harness(short answer - B7 harness with B6 terminals(pins) since they fit into the B6 connector). I then placed each wire into it's respective place in the B6 SC ring connector. One more note is that the air bag wires were paralleled (two wires from each air bag plug to one wire that then gets plugged into the SC ring connector).

    Again, I can not stress enough that I do not advise anyone doing this but rather get the proper terminals to do the job. I have no problem with this on my car because I know it wont have any adverse effects on how it operates but unless you are 100% certain of your work "DON'T DO IT"!

    There; now that I most likely thoroughly confused you, I hope you can make some sense of what I've said. I'm really just repeating what Lee has pointed out in previous posts. (So thanks should go to Lee as well as Alex who was kind of the Guinea Pig).

  12. a4ss4abt Active Member

    A lot of thanks Lanny i've perfectly understood what is necessary to make the correct work. I will wait just for confirmation the part number of your S?C ring. In any case until now nobody has said to me it was imperative to use the B6 S/C ring and part of the original harness, this is my problem: with all B/7 parts it was impossible to have the complete functionality of the Airbag!!!!
  13. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Finally I can erase this problem from my mind. The problem wasn't the new S/C ring but where I made the connecttion in parallel of two stages.
    In fact today I've made the connection before the S/C ring and everything it's ok, no lamps and no faults in Vag-Com. The mistake was to connect the 2 stages after the ring before the ignitor connection.
    Thanks to Lanny(Bayrischer S4), PROXUS and NSX JR for their precious help today the retrofit is perfectly completed :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  14. pepelolo30 New Member


    I´m interested in installing a multifunction steering in my A4 B6.

    I want to install the normal steering (Not RS B6 or B7).

    I have seen the photos from Produx to connect the steering to the S/C ring, but, anyone has the steering pinnout photo and the description of each pinn?

    Do I have to buy a new S/C ring? I think mines has only 1 pin line.
    If I have to buy it, can anyone tell me the reference?

    Best regards and sorry for my poor english
  15. NSX JR New Member

    Awesome, good to hear another success story on this topic. Too bad the C5 and B5 crowd has no chance to do this :cry:
  16. a4ss4abt Active Member

    I have to thank you cause you have been my first supporter :D :D
  17. AvanTTix Member

    so even w/ a B7 S/C ring the airbag harness/connections still need to be modified?
  18. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Yes. the 4 wires coming from the Dual- stage airbag have to be paralleled in 2 wires as per PROXUS diagram.
  19. AvanTTix Member

    i know this sounds dumb, but this is what you did right?

    you got a B7 S/C ring, didn't you? if you did, could you double chek that its part number 4E0 953 541 B...
  20. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Sure, pin 3+5 and 4+6 together as per PROXUS B7 Layout. I confirm my S/C ring is
    4E0 953 541 B
  21. AvanTTix Member

    thanks alot for the info!!!

    did you extract the pins, or did you just cut the wires and then "join" them thogether?

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