Multimedia B7 S-Line steering wheel retrofit

Discussion in 'B6 platform' started by PROXUS, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. a4ss4abt Active Member

    I've a B6 A4 whit Multif.+Tip S.weel. I would install a B7S4 St.W. and i've found this:
    8E0 419 091 DG Multif.S.wheel whit Pads
    8P0 880 201 BG aIRBAG.
    What do I also need?
    Many thanks.
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  3. NSX JR New Member

    You need the B7 s/c ring and SCSM.
  4. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Sorry but SCSM is the control module 8E0 953 549 R
    and s/c ring is 4F0 419 689 A or 4E0 953 541 B ???
  5. NSX JR New Member


    The 4E0 s/c ring is correct... not sure if the 4F0 will work or not.
  6. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Obviously 4E0 953 541 B is the right one maybe I've made a confusion with Etka. I've read in this thread that a modification of the airbag wiring harness will be necessary. I'll hope to be capable to make everything as per instructions reported here. :( :( :( This will be my last retrofit in this car. :D :D :D Eventually I will ask your help. :shock: :shock: :shock:
  7. NSX JR New Member

    If you get the B7 airbag and B7 s/c ring there will be no modification necessary to the airbag harness. What you read earlier in this thread was a modification to the airbag harness to use with a B6 s/c ring.
  8. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Now is clear :) :) They propose my this airbag ...
    I don't see any wiring harness?
    Is it right?
  9. NSX JR New Member

    Correct, it is missing the wiring harness. If you buy the airbag from Audi parts, the harness SHOULD be included. Otherwise, you will need to buy the airbag wiring harness from the B7 to connect your B7 airbag, steering wheel, and s/c ring together.
  10. rvarg New Member

    Let me see if I understand this correctly... A new S/C ring is needed because the connection to the B7 airbag harness is different than in the B6. Does this mean that the modified harness that was mentioned earlier in the thread was never actually used? How are the dual igniters handled in this setup?

  11. NSX JR New Member

    Alex used a modified airbag harness because he used his B6 S/C ring with the setup. If you get the B7 S/C ring you don't have to modify the airbag harness.

    The dual stage airbag is not fully connected when using the B7 s/c ring. The low stage airbag connector is left disconnected.

    I suggest altering the airbag wiring harness to conenct both airbag leads from the airbag to the single airbag connections (as on the B6 s/c ring). This way you ensure that the airbag fully deploys when instructed to from the single stage airbag controller.
  12. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Today I istalled all the new parts (B7 S4 MFL ST.WHEEL+AIRBAG+CONTROLLER+s/c RING) in my B6 and I've found a little problem with the connector coming from the Airbag Controller, it don't plug in the New s/c ring connection wich is different. I'm obliged to change the connector I suppose but, there are 4 pins and I have only two cables.
    Any Help will be appreciate
  13. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Is it possible to have a little diagram of this?
  14. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Here is possible to see the difference between the new. s/c ring connector the old one
    and the new one
    The connector is a little different, I'll find the right one but I don't think the situation will be solved only with that.
    At this moment the new ST.Wheel is mounted and perfectly works with Tip/pads. Radio and telephone buttons but naturally the Airbag is disconnected.
  15. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Today I've found the right connector for the new s/c ring and I've tried to connect the 2 stages of the Airbag togheter as suggested here. This gave me a fixed alarm and the classic fault in vag-com impossible to cancel.
    I tried after connecting only two wires corresponding to the green connector of the airbafg and I've succesfully canceled any error. Now in my Dashboard there are no alarms and everything seems to work properly.
    But the question is what of the 2 stages I've connected? If there is somebody who can give me any information about it will be very appreciate. :( :( :( :(
  16. PROXUS Administrator

    You can connect 2 stages to 1 starge controler with modified harness.
    Use VAG to clear codes. If you will still see AIRBAG light, connect stage 1 plug and clear code then disconnect battery and connect stage 2 plug. If light still will be on, go to 15-AirBag and clear the code.
  17. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Oh many thanks for the news .....I will try today this procedure and I'll let you know...
  18. a4ss4abt Active Member

    No chance, I've tried today to connect the second stage of my Airbag as per your suggestion. I've connected only wire 1 and 2 of the Green stage without any fault code. I've disconected the battery and I made the connection of wire 1 green with wire 1 orange and wire 2green with wire 2orange( following your diagram pin3 with pin 5 and pin 4 with pin 6)but unfortunately the light comes on. I've tried with VAG-Com to clear the fault but the lamp goes off immediatly and after 10-15 seconds is on again.
    Here you can see the DTC :
    VAG-COM Version: Beta 606.4-UD

    Control Module Part Number: 8E0 959 655
    Component and/or Version: Airbag 8.4E 5001
    Software Coding: 0010702
    Work Shop Code: WSC 63351
    1 Fault Found:
    00588 - Airbag Igniter; Driver Side (N95)
    002 - Lower Limit Exceeded - MIL ON
    Where is the problem?
  19. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Naturally I didn't modified Original Airbag harness near the jellow connector in the Airbag. I made the connection of the two stages before the single ignitor connector after the S/C Ring and in any case i don't think that's the problem. I specify this because you have mentioned a modified harness.
  20. PROXUS Administrator

    that's pretty wierd. Mine doesn't show any codes and you have new VAG so the problem its in the wiring or S/C ring itself.

    what happen if you connect just 1st stage?
  21. a4ss4abt Active Member

    If I connect only first stage no problem no codes.

    I went to try the procedure of learning values/vehiclespecification but with this fault found I can't select function 10 adaptation chan. 81 .
    Maybe my controller is too old, the car is a 2002.

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