Multimedia B7 S-Line steering wheel retrofit

Discussion in 'B6 platform' started by PROXUS, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. TeddyBGame New Member

    that looks hot. I hope you can figure it out. I hope the communications protocols aren't different.
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  3. CZVT07 Member

    Any more advances with the retofit?
  4. a4_turbo New Member


    What is the P/N for the black (S-line) steering wheel you have?
    I have been trying to find one to replace the one I have which doesn't have paddle shifters and it would help if I have the part number to search for.
  5. PROXUS Administrator

    I had little brake from this project but I'm back again ;)
    I'am waiting for few more parts for testing and I will let you guys know about progress.
  6. PROXUS Administrator

    It's working!

    I replaced control module with the one from 2005+
    wirh revision R.

    I will post more info later today ;)
  7. NSX JR New Member

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

    I hope it's not an April 1st joke ;-). Good work...
  8. PROXUS Administrator

    no it is still March 31st here ;) , I guess the control module was the main problem.
  9. Alexn New Member

    cough cough......told you so ;-)

  10. CZVT07 Member

    So what all parts wise is needed and whats the cost?
  11. todd1010 Member

    I want this same steering wheel, but I won't need the paddle shifters because I drive a stick. I've looked around and have found a few of them but they've all had paddle shifters. I hope Audi makes this wheel like I need.

    Anyways that sounds great that you got it working. I hope/believe my install won't require much more than just swapping out some parts?
  12. NSX JR New Member

    steering wheel, airbag, s/c ring, SCSM. Alex will post the details I'm sure.
  13. DGuterman New Member

    So what's the deal alex, got it going? Fill everybody in!! Congrats
  14. msullx Member

    Congratulations Proxus for your new project!

    I hope that you'll post all informations regarding that project, I believe there is a lot of people interested in it.
    At least one of them, it's me... :D

    I'm gathering informations to begin that project (I already received some info from NSX JR)
  15. AvanTTix Member

    yup same here... i emailed Alex, but haven't heard anything back either...

    here's what i was able to gather so far about the parts needed:
    - MFSW
    - Airbag
    - Airbag Wiring Harness (4F0-971-589-A)
    - Control Module (8E0-953-549-R)
    the one i'm not so sure about is the cancellation ring, or is the cancellation ring and module just one piece?
  16. NSX JR New Member

    s/c ring and control module are separate pieces. The airbag wiring harness is usually supplied as part of the airbag purchase. The s/c ring will be required because the shape of the airbag wiring harness plug housing changed between B6 and B7.
  17. msullx Member

    In my case I supose that I don´t need the cancellation ring, just because my airbag format will be the same. I'm correct?
    I need to verify with VAG-COM if I have the Control Module (8E0-953-549-R) already installed.

    My A3:
  18. NSX JR New Member

  19. a4_turbo New Member

  20. CZVT07 Member

    PROXUS does your s-line wheel have the red and gray stiching

    that stiching is BA

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