Multimedia B7 S-Line steering wheel retrofit

Discussion in 'B6 platform' started by PROXUS, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. NSX JR New Member

    Actually you have to connect both dual stage airbag leads to the two airbag pins available in the B6. This is the only way to ensure that the dual stage airbag fully deploys upon command. If you unplug either of the dual stage airbag connectors, then the airbag will only partially deploy, which would not be suggested.

    Also, since Proxus' car already has cruise control, he should already have the correct SCSM installed even though he was not previously using the MFSW portion of it. We have discovered that he needs the new S/C ring because his only has one row of 6 pins available instead of 2 rows of 6 pins as required by the MFSW harness plug.
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  3. Alexn New Member

    Actually this is not quite correct. My friend at an Audi dealer in Germany verified everything and a member of tested the deployments for the airbag with an airbag engineer because he did many B7 steering wheel conversion already.

    None of the sensors and computers in the B6 understand the dual stage ignitor. You leave them both connected none of them will deploy. You disconnect the wrong one the airbag light comes on. You disconnect the right one the airbag light comes off. The B6 only has a full deployment of the airbag were the B7 has one for lower speeds. You need to keep the main connected. Also....there are many modules availabe. I have 3 of them. One was MF without cruise the other was my stock which does not have MF and the last one I have is the cruise and MF one with all the other stuff in it. The dealer can list them all....just for the B7.

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    So far I have found only one topic on talking about retrofitting the B7 steering wheel in a B6. The guy said that he connected both ignition wires of the B7 airbag to the single ignition wire in his B6 (

    Based on what you are saying I understand that there is still only one wire for the main ignition and that connecting both wires will result in no ignition at all. Is there any public source you could refer to to confirm this?

    Regarding the Steering Wheel Contol Units, is there a B6 part number you got confirmed supporting a B6 and/or a B7 multi function steering wheel (MFL)? So far everything seems to say that 8E0 953 549 M, N and Q support a B6 MFL but do they support a B7 MFL as well? If not, will a B7 unit work in a B6. Several sources also say that in all B6 with cruise control (GRA, standard in all US A4 B6/B7) the steering wheel control unit also supports a MFL. Can you confirm this assumption?

  4. adrianma New Member

    this was what i found out when was thinking of doing the MFSW conversion too.. all the 2002's had 2 rows of pins and my 2003 only had 1 row which sucked... Proxus did you find out how much the new S/C ring will run?

  5. PROXUS Administrator

    I can get parts cheap from few sources but the question still remains the same....what exactly will be needed :D I just don't want to end up with pile of unused parts :wink:
  6. kitora New Member

    I'm sorry if I ask a stupid question, but I haven't been able to conclude an answer to my concern from this thread. :roll:

    Will a B7 steering wheel physically fit on a B6 steering coloumn ? (never mind the multifunction buttons for now..)

    The reason I am asking is that I would LOVE a B7 steering wheel in my A2, and I know the A2, A4 and A6 steering coloumns are all the same, so if the B7 steering wheel fits in a B6 it should work for me too. (in theory anyway...)
  7. adrianma New Member

    well according to my research for me 2003 which only had 1 row of pins, all i should need is the new s/c ring in addition to the new MSFW and the airbag.. i'm not sure how that would apply the B7 wheel but I imagine to work the controls all you would need is the s/c ring.. the s/c ring should connect over to the canbus which should work all the communications out... you also need to vagcom it to allow mfsw but i think thats about it... again.. this is all for doing a B6 MSFW conversion for the 2003 A4 without any tip buttons.. but i would imaging the B7 would be very similar.

    I checked the hardware on my ETKA and all that was different from a 3.0 with MSFW and a 2003 1.8T was the s/c ring in addition to the airbag and steering wheel..
  8. NSX JR New Member

    Yes, it physically fits perfectly.
  9. kitora New Member

    That sounds just great. Did you actually try it yourself or.... ?
  10. NSX JR New Member

    I have had a D3 and a C6/B7 wheel on my C5 A6 in the past.
  11. Alexn New Member


    he is the guy and what he said is that you have to use the old airbag harness and basically connect the new 2 ignitor harness to it. This is if you keep the original B6 cancellation ring. If you keep the original new B7 airbag harness one ignitor has to be disconnected and the new c. ring needs to be installed. I was not comfortable messing around with the airbag harness and from what he told me....if you go with the MF wheel you have to use the new c.ring anyways. I trust him as he did many MF B7 conversions and I talked to him on the phone.

    With my RS4 steering wheel I only had one ignitor connected and everything checked fine.

    Also.....for phone stuff.....the B6 modules never had it if I am not mistaken.
    I have in front of me two modules...8E0-953-549-R which should be cruise and MF B7 and the same part number with the lettre T at the end were the cruise on my S4 did not work because that module is not for cruise control. VAG-COM showed errors for the cruise control.

    Both units showed error for phone communications because my car did not have that feature.

    I have both parts....the B7 cancellation ring and modules. If someone wants a good deal on those PM me. I sold my wheel to a B7 owner.

  12. NSX JR New Member

    There were plenty of B6 sold here with telephone buttons on MF steering wheel... so there is definitely a B6 S/C ring and SCSM that supports telephone.

    It seems also that your experience seems to be with retrofitting the RS4 steering wheels that include cruise controls, not audio/telephone controls. I would think that this would require a completely different S/C ring which would explain some of the confusion here.

    As I understand it, you agree that both B7 dual stage airbag leads do get connected to the single set of airbag wires in the B6. This makes sense because the only way to fully deploy a dual stage airbag is to ignite both explosives. It does not make sense to leave one dual stage airbag lead disconnected in any installation.
  13. Alexn New Member

    Yes...sorry....if you keep the B6 c.ring and use a B7 wheel you would have to make your harness with both and then both will stay connected.

    However.....for the MF retrofit from someone that did it already he had to use all the B7 stuff to make it work who is the same guy that posted on . Then you have to disconnect one of the airbags.

  14. PROXUS Administrator

  15. PROXUS Administrator

    does anyone know how buttons from B6 4 spoke relate to B7 3 spoke?
    B7 have rolls with select click and MODE button.


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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

  16. PROXUS Administrator

    Thanks Dirk,

    Exactly what I wanted =D>

    I did some fast translation but feel free to PM me any corrections.

    [mrow color=#063E7C:972cff74b9]Key / Roller[mcol:972cff74b9]Action[mcol:972cff74b9]Function
    [mrow color=#BAC1DA:972cff74b9]1[col:972cff74b9]Press[col:972cff74b9]Switch between standard view and telephone
    [mrow color=#D9DCEC:972cff74b9]3/7[col:972cff74b9]Press / Roll upward[col:972cff74b9]Previous station / title
    [mrow color=#BAC1DA:972cff74b9]3[col:972cff74b9]Press & Hold[col:972cff74b9]Previous track (CD & MP3) / Back (Phonebook)
    [mrow color=#D9DCEC:972cff74b9]7[col:972cff74b9]Left menu roller - press once/twice [col:972cff74b9]Start / Stop radio tuning
    [mrow color=#BAC1DA:972cff74b9]7[col:972cff74b9]Left menu roller - select & press[col:972cff74b9]Accept / Ignore TEL conection
    [mrow color=#D9DCEC:972cff74b9]7[col:972cff74b9]Left menu roller - press & hold[col:972cff74b9]Fast Forward (CD and MP3)
    [mrow color=#BAC1DA:972cff74b9]2/7[col:972cff74b9]Press / Roll downward[col:972cff74b9]Next station / title
    [mrow color=#D9DCEC:972cff74b9]2[col:972cff74b9]Press & Hold[col:972cff74b9]Next track (CD & MP3) / Next (Phonebook)
    [mrow color=#BAC1DA:972cff74b9]4/9[col:972cff74b9]Press / Roll upward[col:972cff74b9]Raise volume
    [mrow color=#D9DCEC:972cff74b9]5/9[col:972cff74b9]Press / Roll downward[col:972cff74b9]Decrease volume
    [mrow color=#BAC1DA:972cff74b9]9[col:972cff74b9]Right menu roller - press[col:972cff74b9]Announcement of the current drive navigation recommendation
    [mrow color=#D9DCEC:972cff74b9]6[col:972cff74b9]Press (wheel A)[col:972cff74b9]Voive comand activate / deactivate ; accept / ignore TEL connection
    [mrow color=#BAC1DA:972cff74b9]8[col:972cff74b9]Press (wheel B)[col:972cff74b9]Voive comand activate / deactivate
  17. PROXUS Administrator

    Ok time for little update.

    with some help from NSX JR I managed to build customized harness.
    Just to be sure that I'm playing with proper wires, I took some pictures and I marked all pins:



    more to come :D
  18. NSX JR New Member

    Also of note, the MFC pin 3 connects to the Horn pin 1 which provides a GND connection to the MF buttons.
  19. PROXUS Administrator

    Little progress, or maybe no progress

    I managed to install new SCR with 2 rows of pins.


    SCR install / swap took 10 min. It was easier than I tought, but I think I'm missing part of thi spuzzle. Still no functionality, so I guess B6 existing SCRS doesn't provide any MF functionality.

    Now the question is that a matter of new control module? who knows.


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