Multimedia B7 S-Line steering wheel retrofit

Discussion in 'B6 platform' started by PROXUS, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. NSX JR New Member

    The steering wheels are $800 from the dealership... and the airbags are another $700-800.
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  3. CZVT07 Member

    Proxus how does your B6 come with a multifunction steeling wheel I thought only 3.0's came with it.
  4. PROXUS Administrator

    It does not, that's why I'm doing this retrofit. I will get all parts necessary for thi sinstall and I will try to enable SDS in the NAV.

    I had steering wheel controls in my BMW and I really miss them :-({|=
  5. SRC New Member

  6. PROXUS Administrator

    Yes I could get one like that but it is more $$$.
    $600+ for wheel and $600+ for airbag if I'm not mistaken.
    Also functionality of those buttons is slightly different.



  7. dbgtr Member


    That RS4 steering wheel is SOOO NICE! :shock:

    I can't really complain about my s-line MFSW but still.

  8. NSX JR New Member

    I think that RS4 wheel has buttons for cruise control functions, not multifunction.
  9. SRC New Member

    That's why I bought....

    Fancy :lol:
  10. PROXUS Administrator packages arrived ;)


    now NSX JR I need your help. Can you tell from the pic if this airbag will be OK? Any idea about harness?


  11. NSX JR New Member

    The airbag is fine... but the airbag wiring harness is not. This airbag wiring harness you have (4E0 971 589B) is for the non-MFSW. You need this harness:

    4F0 971 589A

    This harness will have the pigtail with the black plug that attaches to the steering wheel buttons.

    Once you get this new harness, you will need your existing MFSW harness because you will be using parts of the new harness and parts of your existing harness to build a custom harness.
  12. PROXUS Administrator

    Do you know any good place to order new harness?
    also I notice that black connector in th esteering wheel have 3 pins inside. Is it enough?

    also you wrote 4F0 971 589A it 4F0 or 4E0?
  13. NSX JR New Member

    YES, 4F0 is correct. (notice that your steering wheel is 4F0 as well).

    Yes, three pins inside the black connector on your steering wheel is correct.

    As always, I suggest buying from for OEM audi parts. However, you may do better to buy this from your Audi parts counter since the shipping charge may cancel out the savings on the part price.
  14. PROXUS Administrator

    Cool, thanx for help, this is completely new area for me.
    I will get this part and come back with more questions :D

    From what you wrote before I would not need control module right?
  15. NSX JR New Member

    You shouldn't. I'll know more once you get your steering wheel off. You don't have any kind of MFSW currently right?
  16. PROXUS Administrator

    No I never had MFSW before, I will snap some pics tomorrow.
  17. Alexn New Member


    did you already order the canacellation ring and module for the steering wheel?
    If not....I have both parts lying at home for the B7 steering wheel because they are left over from my B7 RS4 steering wheel conversion.


    Need a B6 A4/S4 Symphony II headunit with manual and code card
  18. PROXUS Administrator

    I think cancellation ring came with airbag but I could be interested in control module. I need to check today if I need it or not. I will let you know.
  19. PROXUS Administrator

    ok this is my stock 3 spoke

  20. Alexn New Member

    You need the module to make the MF work if you did not have the MF function before. You also need to disconnect the pink airbag connector to make sure that the airbag still deploys since your B6 does not understand the dual ignitor airbag.
    The cancellation ring is the module where the airbag wiring attaches to in the steering colum. Just making sure.......;-)

  21. Speedyis300 New Member

    I want a S-Line MFSW to fit in my B6...I need the dark color interior..

    Where do i get it all? I want the one with the voice command for my bluetooth...

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