Multimedia B7 S-Line steering wheel retrofit

Discussion in 'B6 platform' started by PROXUS, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. PROXUS Administrator

    This is my new project, I had pretty sweet deal on this steering whell so I bought it. Now it's time to source rest of the part needed for installation.

    Lets the fun begin :D

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  3. NSX JR New Member

    Seems like a familiar project... 8)



  4. PROXUS Administrator

    I could get this one in S-Line but they didn't have it in stock.

    do you know if there is any difference between airbag for multifunction and no-myltifunction steering wheel?
  5. NSX JR New Member

    The airbag is the same, but the wiring harness will be different...

    The wiring harness for the MFSW will have a pigtail that plugs into the right side button controller. The non-MFSW harness will just be a single wire from the S/C ring to the airbag (six wires... 4 for the dual stage airbag, and 2 for the horn).
  6. gregtay Member

    Okay.. you guys have pushed me over the edge... now i need a 06 S line sheel to replace my 04 S-line wheel(Ultra Sport)... the hunt is on... :)
  7. PROXUS Administrator

    Well I just bought airbag for my new wheel :D
    I hope it is correct one and will fit.

  8. NSX JR New Member

    Post a pic of the wiring harness on the back... does it have the three pin connector to attach to the steering wheel buttons? If so... it is the right airbag.
  9. PROXUS Administrator

    It is in the mail...but I will take some pics when it will arrive.

    What is going to happen in case it is not a 3 pin connector?
    Could I get correct harness?
  10. Stoodo New Member

    Can anyone provide tips on where to find a MSFW (other than ebay or the dealer)?

  11. NSX JR New Member

    Yep, you can get the airbag harness for about $40 if yours doesn't have the right one. Don't forget, you'll have to customize the wiring harness anyway to connect the 4 dual stage airbag leads to your 2 single stage airbag pins on the S/C ring.
  12. NSX JR New Member

    Not many other choices..salvage yard...
  13. PROXUS Administrator

    Stoodo , If you want I can tell my friend to get you steering wheel like NSX JR have. Price should be around $800-900 with airbag.

    NSX you have any write-up or instuctions from your retrofit. I believe that my install process will be exactly the same. Hopefully ;)

    What other parts I will need besides harness and controll unit (do you have part numbers for those?)
  14. NSX JR New Member

    Proxus, I don't have a complete write up yet because my project is still in progress. However, your install will be considerably easier than mine because the B6 already uses the SCSM to control the MFSW... where as the B5/C5 uses the seperate MFSW control unit (which is a completely different animal).

    I can't promise that it will work though because I don't have either the B6 or B7 wiring diagrams to check out the pin assignments, etc. My instinct is that the B6 and B7 are identical except for the dual stage airbag part... which makes the S/C ring slightly different as well. This is why you'll have to customize your airbag harness to fit your car.
  15. NSX JR New Member

    What color steering wheel are you looking for? I've got this one I can sell you (no airbag though)...

    Multifunction + Tip with Air Leather for Melange interiors.

  16. PROXUS Administrator

    Ok ...I will wait until my parts arrive and then I will take some pictures.
    Thanks for your help :wink:
  17. Stoodo New Member

    Can you get the one that NSX jr has in Black. I kind of like that style.

  18. PROXUS Administrator

    I can, my friend is staying in Vienna till tomorrow so if you will decide, email me or call via Skype.
  19. adrianma New Member

    ah.. damn these wheels are sooo nice... must resist.

    so the B7 wheel with mf controls and paddle shifters is also 800-900?
  20. CZVT07 Member

    Will the install be similar if I want to get MFSW for a stick and my car does not have a MFSW now? Also my car is a B6. Thanks
  21. NSX JR New Member

    No. If you do not have a MFSW installed now, your upgrade may be more difficult. You may have to replace your SCSM to enable the multifunction controls to communicate with the rest of your car. There's a thread in the "off topic" forum here about retrofitting cruise control on a B6... there's some good information there about replacing the SCSM.

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