MMI3G+ upgrade Q7 - using internal 3G Radio Amplifier

Discussion in 'MMI' started by spyderboyant, Oct 25, 2015.

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    Hi there,

    I have installed a new MMI3G+ unit into my 2007 Q7 and have also installed the new DAB radio with inbuilt amplifer (4G0 035 061 N). I have created a loom from the old J525 amplifier plug to the new Radio unit. The issue I am having at the moment is that I have no sound. When I turn the volume dial I get a "currently unavailable" message on the screen as shown in the attached diagram. I understand that I will need to code the Radio to work with my 5F unit ( 4L2 035 746 E).

    Does anyone have a dump of their Q7 radio (4G0 035 061) radio coding they can share with me? Do I need to change any coding on the MMI3G+? When I look at the 5F unit I see the following fault:

    00822 - Connection DSP to Radio
    004 - No Signal/Communication

    I have gathered the following information from some posts and was wondering whether anyone knows specifically what the settings should be for a Q7:

    01 = AM/FM Eur (02 - USA?)
    01 = DAB (fixed value) 00 sirius USA version (mine definitely 01 as cannot change it)
    03 = Operational Mode (no idea what this means, have seen set to 05 for Q3)
    01 = External Amp (02 if internal i.e non B&O)
    00 = Sound Profile (no idea about this either)
    00 = No info
    00 = No info
    00 = No info
    01 = Chassis (01 is A5/A4 etc, 02 is Q3 I think) - is 00 for Q7?

    The current coding on my radio unit is:

    I assume I either need to turn the ignition off OR pull the fuse for the Radio for it to take the new coding settings?


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  3. spyderboyant Member

    Well I set the 4th byte to 02 and I got volume/sound for the FM radio channels and Navigation etc...
    Only issue now is I have used the old MMI2G antennas and have removed the "02877 - Digital Radio Antenna (R183) 011 - Open Circuit". I still have a "
    02982 - Connection between Radio and Impedance Converter 2 - 011 - Open Circuit" error which I think is my fakra connector which I played around with. The issue I have now is:

    a) No AM (MW and LW) frequency channels. I think this may be due to error 02982 above
    b) no volume for DAB+. I have connected the DAB Fakra to the DAB FAKRA on the MMI2G (R112) antenna and when scanning radio stations I can see a list of local DAB stations. When I try and adjust the volume I get a "currently unavailable" error message. Also, next to the stations I see a "no sound" image.

    I am hoping I do not need to start replacing antennas as that could be painful. Current antennas are for MMI2G high with Hybrid TV tuner:

    1. C-Pillar: 4L0 035 225C
    2. B-Pillar: 4L0 035 225G

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