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Discussion in 'MMI' started by craigyb, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. craigyb Active Member

    Installed one of the new SAP profile phone kits into an A6 today.

    Pretty straight forward, but you do need a phone antenna, submarine or sharksfin to complete the installation. You can use it as a SAP phone or a normal hands free profile if you phone doesn't support SAP.

    You can read text messages with SAP and you get a phone book transfer with your N or E series Nokias. Good news for all you folks with these phones. I tested it with an N80 and after a few initial problems I got it configured and tranferring info etc.

    You can see that the logo next to the signal strength is now a SIM card, if you do not have SAP, then it shows a pic of a mobile phone.

    You need MMI SW 2830 minimum to support this phone kit.

    Here are few screen shots of the MMI setup.


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  3. MarkH New Member

    Excellent Info... Yet again

    I haven't change the tranceiver in my Q7 yet as Kufatec are being even slower than normal with the delivery.

    I use an E60 so am delighted with your news.
  4. craigyb Active Member

    Here is a list of SAP phone

    Benq Siemens




    I would guess most N series have SAP profiles including the new N95 when it comes out.
  5. MarkH New Member

    Question about tranceiver

    I've just receieved the one I've had on order from Kufatec. This is definitely a second user unit. The casing is marked and the sticker date is 03-03-06. What did the unit you fitted look like?

    I'd be really grateful for any info (myGerman isn't up to much if I have to revert to Kufatec!)
  6. craigyb Active Member

    I did not buy from Kufatec, my unit was brand new.
  7. audi4man New Member

    Can someone please post a P/N for the phone module ?
    What should be purchased for this upgrade? in Q7 when I hit TEL button it says " please contact dealer"
    Also I don't see any wires under front passenger seat. there is nothing under carpet either. So I guess I'll need cables as well.
    I would appreciate if someone could point to the right direction.

    Thank you
  8. MarkH New Member

    SAP Tranceiver successfuly fitted to Q7

    Thanks to Craigyb, I have now successfully installed the SAP Bluetooth phone tranceiver in a UK 3.0Tdi Q7.

    I use a Nokia E60. This works very well with the unit. Missed calls, Text messages, Phone book, call log detail (time & date) are all now available along with several other features. Much improved over the cars original bluetooth tranceiver.

    I have no idea why Audi are not fitting these SAP bluetooth tranceivers, as the unit I installed had an original build date of 3/3/6!

    Now for the DAB radio retrofit....
  9. RADL Member

    How difficult and how many/which parts did you need?

    I have a Q7 in the US
  10. MarkH New Member

    Not too Difficult...

    You should only need the one part. I bought it here:

    If you've already got the standard Bluetooth prep, you will only need the tranceiver (495 Euros), not the full kit. It takes about 10 days to arrive in Europe, so probably a bit longer to the US.

    Fitting involves swapping the tranceiver under the RH Front Seat. You're supposed to remove the seat to do this, but as that has implications for the air bags, I just pushed the seat all the way forward and was able to access the unit.

    You will need to disconnect the wiring from the armrest if you have the std bluetooth, this is pretty easy, requiring a little bit of disassembly.

    The major work is in this area also. If you do have the std bluetooth with the adaptor in the armrest, then this is where the antennae runs to. This needs to be rerouted to the New unit under the seat.
    The easiest way to do this would be to extend this cable and pull it down the side of the centre console, under the carpet then your done. I opted not to cut or extend this cable and instead remove the whole centre console and reroute the antennae, this took me about 1.5 hours - I wouldn't recommend it unless you know what your doing (in fact, if I had to do it again I would extend the cable).

    Craigyb (on this thread) also recommends bypassing the Antennae amp, this take a couple of minutes. The amp is behind RH side trim in the boot (the panel with the lowering switch if you have air suspension)

    As long as your MMI software is 2830 or above that's it.
  11. RADL Member

    Thank you

    I may give it a try
  12. ajax Member

    Does anybody know if I can turn off the SAP function of the BT prep and just use it as a handset? My HTC TyTN (MDA Vario II, Orange SPV M3100), alhough it officially supports SAP profile, just won't work with the thing. It pairs ok, I can make calls through the car's speakers and mike just dialing on the phone but the MMI will not read the contact list off the phone, no recent numbers, nothing... all options are greyed out. I can dial a number through the MMI manually but I must put it in digit by digit. After I end the call the MMI will forget I ever called the number. Can anybody help?

  13. MarkH New Member

    Not 100% sure but...

    I think if you use don't enter the 16 digit pin, then pair from your phone instead you might get handfree profile instead of SAP.
  14. ajax Member

    Mmm interesting, never heard of a 16-digit PIN. I know the MMI is set to 1234, which I also enter to the phone while the two are pairing. Where do I set the 16-digit PIN or where do I enter it?

    Thanks very much
  15. craigyb Active Member

    Are you sure you have a SAP profile phone kit?

    The SAP kit pairs two ways, when pairing with an SAP phone, you use the car kit to search for the phone and enter the 16 digit key provided by the car kit and enter it on the phone.

    When pairing with a non SAP phone, you search for the car kit with your own phone and then use the "1234" passkey to pair up.

    I suspect you are using the kit in non SAP mode.


  16. ajax Member

    Aah, didn't know that. When I enable Bluetooth on the TyTN, it just pops up with a message that the MMI wants to establish connection so I accept it and enter the 1234 code. There is no way on the MMI to search for devices. The available phone settings are only "Remove all paired devices", "Default settings reset" and some sort of Delayed switch-off.

    Any help is much appreciated.

  17. Big_Lad_UK New Member

    Re: Not too Difficult...

    Mark, what is the build date your car ?

    I find it very strange that Audi would produce a newer module but not make it a direct swop out. Given the instructions above, this means the snap in point is no longer able to be used as the antenna now by passes this and goes direct to the module. Is that right ?


  18. MarkH New Member

    Glad you got your post on....see my email

  19. TDiAvant Member

    Is there any way of fitting this kit without ripping down the roof liner, for the phone antenna?
  20. kkrull Member

    Any word on the roofliner? This is just for cars wthout an antenna already or is the antenna a retrofit to enable new connections/features.

    Is all this gear required for an A8 retrofit? Are any additional parts required for an upgrade from OnStar. I am more concerned about the install than the gear cost. Looks like this is the A8 part. The old link to the part has changed.

    Any other instructions for US cars?

    Ajax, Did you ever get this working? Do you have WM5 or WM6?
  21. ajax Member


    yes I eventually got the TyTN working. First I used a newer ROM in the phone itself but that didn't help. Then I updated my MMI from a very old 0500 version to 3460 (and now to 4220) and that helped. It looks I don't have the SAP module in the car but only the regular BT prep with the cradle in the armrest. However, from 3460 up, the MMI is found on the phone BT search and works OK - including phone list, missed and dialed numbers, etc. No SMS, of course.


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