MMI or RNS-E? And... update-able?

Discussion in 'Navigation units' started by kbrogan86, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. kbrogan86 New Member

    I have a 2008 A4 and I am not sure if it's MMI or RNS-E. I've searched and read different things, but I haven't found anything for sure. How do I tell for sure? Thanks.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    If you have a B7 A4 then you have an RNS-E, but if you have a B8 A4 (with the handbrake button instead of a lever) then you have MMI.

    Both can be updated, but the method is quite different - so it's best if you post in the appropriate forum (RNS-E or MMI).

    An 08 A4 will almost certainly be a B7 and hence have an RNS-E.
  3. kbrogan86 New Member

    I thought that since it was an 08 that meant it was a B7, but this isn't "concrete"? How do I tell? The handbrake (parking/emergency brake) is a lever, if that's a deciding factor...

    I had all intentions of reading/posting in the appropriate forum once I figured out which one I had - that's why I'm trying to sort it out in the 'general' forum first! Thanks for the tip!
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    You've got a B7, the B8 has a stupid (IMHO) electric parking brake instead of a proper lever that you can use in an emergency.

    It's really stupid the way that the RNS-E has a startup screen that says MMI - that's cost owners a lot of money when they've bought an MMI map DVD and found that it doesn't work because they have an RNS-E. There is absolutely nothing common between the RNS-E and MMI - different hardware, different software, different user interface.
  4. kbrogan86 New Member

    Yes, that was my confusion as well! haha. I read that the RNS-E was more of a 'all-in-one' unit, and that's what it has, but I wanted to be totally sure! Thanks, Dave!
  5. Igor Janosevic New Member

    Hello everybody!
    I 've read the whole thread, but I still can't be sure which unit do I have : RNS-E or MMI.
    It is in AUDI A4 from 2007 and info screen says: sw 0330 hw H70
    Is there a newer firmware, and what mapsets suits for my unit?
    Thank you for Your replies.

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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    That's an RNS-E - in a B6 or B7 A4 it has to be an RNS-E as MMI was never fitted to them.

    0330 is absolutely ancient firmware that was released in 2005, the current is 0650 which was released in 2008.

    If you buy the newest RNS-E DVD maps for your country then that will automatically update your firmware and give you the latest maps. See here for the part numbers of the map DVDs for the RNS-E

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