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Discussion in 'MMI' started by Audi5000, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. Audi5000 Member

    I am trying to update my MMI 3G unit. The system says my application is dead.

    Can I jump in the versions or do I have to install version by version?

    Has anyone seen similar problems when doing a software update?

    What can I do to complete the update?

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  3. 4F-Devil Member

    STOP!!! You have a big problem.
    You can not update your MMI3G with this DVD.
    This version, which you have in your MMI3G is a development train, which has nothing to do with the series.
    On the DVD K_022 are not all the data on it, which MMI3G the need for the update.
    There is also no DVD / CD, which can make a fix this unit. Your HW-state can not be brought up to date.
    The best do nothing and live with the prior case. I know what I'm talking because I had already made a unit out of order.
  4. Audi5000 Member

    Thanks for your quick reply!

    Would it help to use an image from another unit? By swaping the HDD, like discussed in another recent thread?

    Or is the software also in EEPROMs and not only on the disk?
  5. 4F-Devil Member

    This does not work.
    This update DVD reflashing the EEPROM (BIOS from the PC) and change the applications on the HDD.
    The boot loader and the application must be flashed together.
    An exchange of the HDD is useless.

    The MMI3G is a small PC. And so you have to imagine it all.
  6. fil2006 Member

    All what i have :
    1 MMI navi plus ! disc no: 8R0906961j for zugversion ######
    OnlY!!!!!!!!!!!!! check software version. Ignition on and wait 30 second. Press and hold SETUP and RETURN.{5s} If in screen is NOCH NICHT INITIALISER wait 10 second and press RETUTN .
    Next screen will show u software no: Zugwersion and Mu software.
  7. fil2006 Member

    2 MMI navi PLUS USA ONLY disc: 8R0906961D .This disc can update software P018 and P0109 ONLY.
    3 MMI navi PLUS JAPANESE ONLY Disc:8R0906961E can update P0205
    4 MMI with radio disc 4f0906961A can update ######,P003,P0012,P0017,K0017 only
    5MMI with radio plus disc cd:4F0906961AQ and require disc with language version 4G0 051 884E also fix cd 420906961D
    4F0906961AQ can update software :p003,P0012,P0017,K0017 only.
  8. fil2006 Member

    after update position 5 mmi with radioplus u can t use more disc with language version {disc are in car documentation} need use new disc
    After update mmi with radio plus from software ###### or P003 can be fault 03623 .
    Require use disc for fix .{update again }
    6 MMI navi disc no:4F0906961AR can update P0011, P0015,K0015 only.
    cd with language version 4G0 051 884 E.

    after update mmi navi plus first position in my post {1MMI} can be also fault in ecu 01043 -incorrect software version and cant be erased .~
    This fault can be ignored
    After update all MMI 3 select DOCUMENTATION ABBRECHEN .MMi will restart .
  9. alqadfan New Member

    AUDI Q7 S Line 4.2 2010

    Need help plz!!
    I have an AUDI Q7 S Line 4.2 2010, which was originally purchesd in Kuwait (Middle East), which I imported into USA now, can I updated my MMI to work in USA with North America maps? Is it possible? I went to couple of dealers, who told it can not be done through some serious hardware change!!
    So, my MMI has a HHD + 2 SD slots, software version: HNan_EU_P002_D1, and my Nav. Database version: 8R0060994D_ME 5.1.3
  10. kris.2010 Member

    you have navi EU now,
    you need firmware & map + radio US
    does he agree?

    it is for doing but he can cost 700 - 800 euro.

  11. alqadfan New Member

    Thanks, it's ok for the cost. Please tell me is this possible? Do I need a hardware change? Or it's just a matter of software? And who can do this for me? I'm in washington dc USA.
  12. kris.2010 Member

    ok, I have for you for navi HDD firmware 114 US + US 2010map + radio US

    i need information from you -
    NAVI nr ( 4L0o35666??? )
    radio nr. ???

  13. maxa New Member

    do you have solution for RNS850 EU maps in Touareg 2011 USA model? It's same as MMI3G.
  14. kris.2010 Member

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