MMI 3G Radio Plus -> MMI Navigation 3G low or high

Discussion in 'MMI' started by nilsman73, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. nilsman73 Member

    Looking to retrofit navigation to my new A6 (4F) 2011 with MMI Radio Plus. Can anyone confirm if these part numbers are correct and if anything is missing:

    Navi Low:
    Main unit 4E0035666

    Navi High:
    Main unit 4E0035670C
    Screen 8F0919604
    Keypad 4F1919611S
    Panel for 7" screen 4F1857115J

    Navigation low seems rather straight forward, just replace main unit and remove component protection. High seems a bit more work but will it require new wires?

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. craigyb Active Member

    666 is the same a 670 but without the phone prep high, low is actually 652
  4. nilsman73 Member

    Many thanks for clarification. 652 does not seem very easy to find second hand. The few I have found are almost same price as high units. If it's only the display cable that needs replacing for high I have to say that looks like the best option. If anyone has further advice it would be much appreciated.
  5. craigyb Active Member

    No to go to high you need the screen, screen cable, MMI panel and MMI unit as in your parts list.
  6. nilsman73 Member

    Sorry if I was unclear. What I meant was, besides what I had already listed, I will also need the screen cable. This seems to be part 4F1 971 086 A?

    Is there anything else needed?
  7. craigyb Active Member

    No that all makes sense now as you missed the screen cable off your original list.
  8. destroi35 Member

    lets talk to PM i can help you with the main unit cable and display.
  9. nilsman73 Member

    Retrofit completed!

    Used second hand parts:
    Main unit: 4E0 035 666
    Screen: 8F0 919 604
    Panel for 7" screen: 4F1 857 115 F

    Some interesting findings that might help anyone else doing this.

    The panel I used is for MMI High 2G but it works OK with 3G high res screen. Only problem is that buttons/switches next to the screen (open glove compartment e t c) are different shape on facelift A6. Will either have to find correct panel for 3G 4F1 857 115 J or find older buttons/switches. Also worth noting is that the MMI 2G panel is slightly different colour. 2G panel is more grey, while 3G panel more silver tone. I don't mind either way but if you are going for original look you should look for the proper 3G panel.

    Have not replaced the MMI keypad to one with joystick. I have 4F1 919 611 M and it works fine. I cannot pan the map which I can certainly live without. I think the joystick it is also used for DVD menus but I'm not planning on watching DVDs anyway. The correct unit with joystick is 4F1 919 611 S. If I find one I might replace it but right now it does not feel necessary.

    The cable from main unit to screen have different part numbers. There is one for 3G MMI Radio plus and another for 3G MMI Navigation High. I thought I would have to replace this but in fact MMI Radio plus cable (for low res 6.5" screen) works fine for Navigation High (7" high res screen). The are some plastic guides that I guess prevents people from connecting low res main unit with high res screen or vice versa. These guides can easily be removed and then the same cable will then work for both high res and low res systems.

    The second hand main unit 4E0 035 666 probably comes from a car with adaptive suspension. I have not got that on my car but got to the adaptive suspension screen every time I hit the Car button. I tried changing this with VCDS but to no avail. In the end I got that screen removed by changing a value from 5 to 0 in the hidden MMI menu.

    Only problem now is that the main unit came with map from 2008 (EUROPE 2008 5608). From reading on this excellent forum it seems newer maps require online activation, but that will not work if the car was delivered without navigation from factory. I know I can send my unit to certain companies and get it updated but that is just to much work. Can anyone confirm part number of the newest map for that does not require online activation?

    Total cost around 600 EUR for parts + 70 EUR for Audi to remove component protection. Took around 4 hours + trip to Audi.

    Edit - Replaced the MMI keypad and fitted the original GPS antenna:
  10. q7bmza New Member

    is it possible to use existing 6.5" display on this retrofit.

  11. nilsman73 Member

    I did not try as I did not want to risk damaging the 6.5" display. I suspect it will not work as the resolution is different. If you go for Navigation Low you should be able to use the 6.,5" display. The same display cable can be used for both displays.
  12. q7bmza New Member

    I got another question if you don't mind. Did you have to set-up any parameters after the retrofit or just the component protection?
  13. nilsman73 Member

    Yes, I enabled Navigation in one of the control modules with VCDS. I think it was in the CAN gateway. Really easy with newer versions of VCDS since you get a list. Just tick the Navigation box. I also enabled the hidden MMI menu in the head unit 5F. This so that I could remove the the adaptive suspension screen. Because I removed the glove compartment to fit the head unit I got the airbag warning light in the dash. This I removed with VCDS by clearing the passenger airbag fault codes.
  14. q7bmza New Member

    Did you have to install a new antenna wire or was it pre-wired?
  15. nilsman73 Member

    Yes, both GPS antenna and wiring is needed since car did not have GPS from before. At the moment I have one of these on the dash and works fine:

    But I'm going to replace that but running a wire to the top of the back window (same place as radio antenna). Then fit the original GPS antenna 8E5 919 889in holder 8E5 919 909.

    NB if you have GSM phone or Avant it is a different shark fin antenna which goes on the roof instead of back window. You can see that one here:
  16. q7bmza New Member

    Thanks for all your reply.
    Here's a link that you may be interested...anything you need to know about your Audi.
  17. q7bmza New Member

    Do you happen to know the difference between this part nos:

    4L0 035 664 A
    4L0 035664 X
    4L2 035 664

  18. q7bmza New Member

    Does anyone know the part no q7 mmi 3g nav low for north america...
  19. nilsman73 Member

    Sorry, do not know the difference between the part numbers or the part number for Q7 MMI low NA.
  20. q7bmza New Member

    The plastic guides that you mentioned that need to be removed, is it in the cable or in the head unit?

  21. nilsman73 Member

    It's on both ends of the cable if you replace display and head unit. The connectors are of this type and the cable has the male type both ends:


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