MMI 3G Firmware update question

Discussion in 'MMI' started by TDiAvant, Jun 1, 2014.

  1. TDiAvant Member

    Hi, all.

    Been a while since I posted here, hope everyone is well.

    I've just retrofitted MMI 3G into my A6, and have a question about firmware updates.

    I'm currently running firmware HNav_EU_P0022_D1 and want to update to the latest version HNav_EU_K0257_5_D1

    Question is can I go straight to that version or do I have to upgrade to older versions first like the old 2G system?

    If I do have to update to the older versions first anyone got the part numbers for the discs below.
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  3. TDiAvant Member

    Was able to go straight to HNav_EU_K0257_5_D1, but did have to run the update a couple of times before everything updated.

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