MMI 2G - "Phone not available" message

Discussion in 'MMI' started by adi_hh, Jul 14, 2014.

  1. adi_hh New Member

    Just bought (2nd hand) a Q7. In amongst the documentation that came with the car was the delivered equipment list and it should have "Bluetooth SAP" but when I press the Tel button I just get the message "Phone not available".

    I checked the MMI Software version and it is at 5150, which after some internet research, seems to be the first disc in a set of 3 - 1st upgrades to 5150, 2nd upgrades phone and 3rd brings the system components up to 5750. Also it seems that CD2 for the phone needs running twice, once to remove old sw versions and the second time to install new software.

    I suspect that all I need to do is buy the upgrade discs and run CD2 again - but this would only make sense if this error "Phone not available" is the normal state after CD2 has been run only once - can anyone confirm this before I waste money buying the CD set?
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  3. a4ss4abt Active Member

    But did you check if the BT unit is present ?
    You should have it under the passenger seat if I well remember, it is possible that the Bt was "purged" by the seller.
    The best should be to run an autoscan with a VCDS because probably you have a faulty unit or a not properly coded one.

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