MMI 2G High with Hybrid TV can't access digital service

Discussion in 'MMI' started by skiwi, May 18, 2014.

  1. skiwi New Member

    I have an MMI 2G High system with hybrid TV tuner (R78 TVHybridDVB) hardware: 4E0-919-148 software: 4E0-910-148-E. Coding 0000310.

    In my country the analogue TV service has been switched off, and my Audi's TV no longer works. I had assumed that the Hybrid tuner would work with both a Digital and an Analogue service, but clearly I am wrong (I have checked the unit with VCDS and it checks out OK, as does the MOST bus diagnostic).

    1) Do I have to have different aerials or aerial amplifiers for this to work? It would seem strange to spec a Hybrid TV unit and not a hybrid aerial system...
    2) Is there anyway I can check what aerial hardware I have without removing trim pieces and manually checking?
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  3. nickysthlm Member

    which country are you in? problem might be that (as far as i remember) the 2G Audi hybrid tuner only can receive DVB-T Mpeg2 - so if the transmissions are in MPeg4 it will not work...

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