MMI 2G - heard of 2013 map anyone?

Discussion in 'Maps & Firmware' started by kristoffer, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. kristoffer Member

    Anyone heard (both official and speculations welcome ;)) anything about the 2013 Europe MMI 2g DVD?
    I've checked at but nothing there for the 2G.. And as far as I can see the 3G system, Audi Concert (for the A1 and so on) and others has gotten the 2013 update.

    They are usually available for aprox. week 45, arent they?
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  3. talenat New Member

    i mean not out yet
  4. kristoffer Member

    Supposedly available now, part number 4E0 060 884 DB
  5. talenat New Member

    maps 3g 2013 not out yet?
  6. kristoffer Member

    Yes, 3G is out, part number 8R0051884AR
    (HDD version)

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