Mmi 2g: 5570

Discussion in 'MMI' started by billeuz2, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. billeuz2 Member

    There is a new version for the MMI 2G : number: 5570.

    Bye, Pascal / FRANCE
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  3. yuurash New Member

    The real new MMI version must be 6??0. It`s only repack 5150-5170.
  4. moose73 New Member

    whats changed?
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

  5. moose73 New Member

    this is also on the italian audi forum as well
  6. billeuz2 Member

    Soon I 'll install it on the A8. I know it is a long time to install(if BT on the car).(1 hour and 30min).

    It is to fix the 5150 which burn BT hardware. But I don't if there are new features.

    Bye, Pascal / FRANCE
  7. chrisi1909 New Member

    Nothing new so far, only Bugfixes...
  8. moose73 New Member

    does anyone know the part number?
  9. moose73 New Member

    how do you search on etka for mmi update discs?

    I don't get any returns?

    If I search for MMI I just get MMI interface and if i search for part number 8T0 906 961 (5150) it says "part number 8T0 906 961 not in stamm"
  10. Hrc4u Member

    don't know either...but if you know the part nr...put the nr together and search..
    try it on : 8T0906961 :)
  11. moose73 New Member

    ok, can now find 8T0906961 and it lists as cd-rom for software adaption.

    but if you search for cd-rom, you don't get and returns?
  12. Akash Member

    Sure it's 8T0906961 ?
    I'm seeing 8T0906961 as 5150 from searching on this forum

    I've dropped a mail to my audi parts supplier- see if he can shed any light and if indeed there is a version, to sell me a copy :)
  13. moose73 New Member

    no its not 8T0906961, that was just an example I gave about searching for MMI updates in ETKA. I don't know what the correct part number is.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    ETKA's search is not 100% thorough, often just browsing is needed - that's my experience anyway.
  14. a4ss4abt Active Member

    I Can confirm the new update for MMI 2G is out. Done it today. Here my version screen:


    The CD Part N. is 4L0 998 961 for A6-A8-Q7 or
    8K0 998 961 for A4(B8) A5

    This time we have Cd packages done by 3 Cds or 2 Cds. The 3Cds package is made for older systems before 5150 the 2Cds is from 5150 systems. Why 2Cds? Because this time AUDI done a specific Cd called Clean-up for the Phone Prep or BTA and another CD for the others components. If you have an older version prior than 5150 you have to use the first CD for all the components, the second for the phone and the third one for components updated to 5150.
    I have used only 2Cds of package 4L0 998 961 and the first impression was anything of really new. Probably some bugs-fixed and new SW versions for the BTA 1120, HU 5570, AMI 850 and RADIO 630.
    After the update a lot of errors on the system and 07 HU was in COMPONENT PROTECTION but erasing the faults everything went ok.
    Now I'm testing my MMI and I will report soon ......
  15. EddyH New Member

    Is there a different part no. for the 3CD package? I'm retro fitting MMI High in my A6 4F, the components are from a 2006 car so I imagine the software versions will be quite old.
  16. moose73 New Member

    4L0 998 961 comes up on etka as repair set and no price

    is there a dl link for these anywhere?
  17. a4ss4abt Active Member

    4L0998961 is the 3CD package
    4L0998961 is priced on Etka 737 Euro 6.14, you have to update yours.
  18. EddyH New Member

  19. moose73 New Member

    how do you update the prices (I have updated the data to 7390 on etka 7.1)

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