Lots of problems

Discussion in 'Audi A8 / S8' started by schiu, Aug 21, 2010.

  1. schiu New Member

    I am afraid this will not be the only problem with A8 . My A8 similar to your vehicle suffered from lots of problem eg trunk motor fail replace, lasted for 18 months fail again. tv tuner fail , keyless entry fail, ac blowing hot air, maf sensor fail, main beams turn on & off when driver side window goes up , alarm siren fail etc (too many to list) and they are all expensive to replace but don't last long, that's why i've given up repairing them. I used to drive LEXUS , MERCEDES and they don't have any problems what so ever, i just regret buying AUDI to be honest i will never consider thie marque again. My car has only done 35000 miles for all these problems
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  3. Cockney Boy Member

    What year is your A8? your getting far too many problems to be honest, perhaps you have a car that has been in an accident and thats has caused these problems?
  4. schiu New Member

    My car is 2003 model (D3) , purchased in UK since new not in an accident before . Even the car mechanics said A8 do have alot of problems

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