Looking for cool 2008 Roadster VAG-COM codes

Discussion in 'Audi TT Coupe / Roadster' started by jeffygkitty, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. jeffygkitty New Member

    Hey guys!

    I have an '08 TT Roadster, and I'm taking my car to a guy that has a VAG-COM. Are there any cool features I should ask him to do to my car? I really wanted to have the needle-swipe programmed, but I read that can only be done on 2009 and up.

    Thanks a lot!
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  3. 2008_tt_v6 New Member

    Anything cool that you discovered?
  4. 2008_tt_v6 New Member

    You can try the leather->fabric change to see if your audio sounds better. I got VAG-COM this week.
  5. dsm1212 New Member

    I tried the leather->fabric change and maybe it's bad hearing but I couldn't tell a difference so I left it on leather/gas. Maybe if you have bose+RNS-E it has no effect? Definitely do the throttle body reset if the car has been used for a while. This made a noticeable improvement for me on my 09 3.2L roadster. I intend to try the remote windows control next. If you come up with anything interesting let us know.
  6. 2008_tt_v6 New Member

    I could tell the difference when I changed from leather to fabric. I got heavier mid-range sound, almost like if the Bose-enabled RNS-E had a "mid" equalizer dial and you turned it way up (RNS-E in my car only has treble and base). I occasionally listen to classical music and that setting doesn't work at all for me for classical music, so I went back to stock. Let me know if the remote windows control works... haven't tried it.
  7. dsm1212 New Member

    Well, I did the windows encoding, but I'm not at all sure if VAG COM was necessary. There is a convenience windows setting in the DIS "set" menu under windows. I know that was there before. After I made some changes in VAG COM the keyfob didn't move the windows, but I had seen the "convenience menu active" setting in VAGCOM (this was active when I started) so I went into the DIS set menu and enabled it. Then the key fob window up/down worked. So I did change a few settings related to comfort via remote control and I suspect they were necessary to enable the key fob but I'm not sure. It works fine though. No double clicking, you just hold the lock/close or unlock/open button down longer.

    There are settings in VAGCOM for the enabling the remote control of the "sunroof". These were enabled for the doorlock so I enabled them hoping it would get the key fob to control the automatic roof (roadster), but if it did anything I can't figure out the button sequence to do it.

    I also increased the telephone mic sensitivity to 5 (max is 6). I'm told it's a bit improved, but I'll probably bump it to 6 next time I'm in there.

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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Usually only remote close of the sunroof works when enablked, but not opening. Try pressing and holding the lock button, that's what makes the sunroof close on my Audi.
  8. 2008_tt_v6 New Member

  9. jeffygkitty New Member

    The remote top is awesome! I know there are separate control modules you can find on e-bay and other sights, but I didn't know there was a way to enable it with VAG-COM. Please post the settings if you find out. Thanks!
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    AFAIK there's isn't a way to do it with VCDS, you still need the extra module.
  10. 2008_tt_v6 New Member

  11. rutherfordred New Member

    Hi, I stay in Canada and own a 2009 model TT. One of my friends who stays in Columbia gave me a listing of Vag-Com codes for my car. I've a vague idea of reading somewhere that the codes are different for models in the North American market. Is this true? Can anyone give me a clarification on this topic?

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