latest Elsawin?

Discussion in 'Manuals' started by kristoffer, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. kristoffer Member

    Anyone know which revision elsawin has come to?

    I have version 3.51, and is looking into buying a Tiguan 2010 model.
    The data I have ends at 2009, and Tiguan are rarely covered also.

    Is there a newer database "out there"? ;-)
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  3. Firestyler Member

    Elsapro is the latest... they tested this first in belgium, only registered dealers get online acces on the servers by their MAC Adress.
  4. a8 tech Member

    elsa win 3.81 is the latest release, although it was thought elsa pro was the answer there seems to be some issues so elsa win has a new update

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